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As winter's thin grasp on the Adirondacks and North Country has melted away, I have tried to take advantage of the final vestiges of snow. It is the sad truth of spring skiing that the season is at an end, and skiers know their days on skis are numbered.Spring skiing is a lesson in variable conditions – from slush to ice to bare ground. It is also a lesson in tolerance and patience with accompanying subpar skiing conditions. Or maybe it's just a measure of how desperate you are for more skiing.And so as temperatures have climbed to unseasonable heights (maple producers must be screaming right... continue reading
It's lonely waiting backstage for a one-woman show—especially when you are the one woman.The performance I attended this week was my own. I portray Emily Dickinson in William Luce's play, The Belle of Amherst whenever and wherever I am invited. This week I performed at The Whallonsburg Grange in Whallonsburg (in the town of Essex). I have appeared at The Grange in several other productions--Agnes of God, Mrs. Farnsworth and The Vagina Monologues--but always with at least two other cast members to wait with in the wings.I arrive a few hours early to get my adaptable set in order and get... continue reading
Well there are many ways to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and it doesn't have to start with morning mass.The New York Ski Education Foundation (NYSEF) will be celebrating its annual Kids' Fest at the Lake Placid Olympic Ski Jumps. This one-day event will allow participants a glimpse into the world of Biathlon. There will be a paintball biathlon and leprechaun relay obstacle course (wearing green is, of course, encouraged)If your (under 13) child is interested in skate skiing, paintball and biathlon, this venue is a great place to be able to view the action. He or she can even participate,... continue reading
"Shirtsleeve Skiing"January 10, 1930—Each year more people find that here some of the best skiing of the year comes in March. In the city when merchants ar featuring Easter hats, it is difficult to realize that in the Adirondaks snow lies at greater depth than at any time of the year. Days ar longer, permitting more miles on skis before sundown, and sun is so bryt that a tropical tan is swiftly acquired. In March, one skis along comfortably in scanty attire. Indeed, bathing suits and ski boots ar not altogether out of order. Why the snow doesn't melt as fast as one's collar does is just... continue reading
Kendra, Wren (our 4-legged companion) and I were once again off to the trails near Lake Clear – one of our favorite places to ski. The cobalt sky held a few clouds when we parked off of Fish Hatchery Road and skied briefly on the railroad track-turned-snowmobile/cross-country skiing trail in winter. It was nearly a mile to reach our planned route on the Fish Pond Truck Trail from Fish Hatchery Road, and we moved quickly on the flat surface.As we skied, I began to take notice of various animal tracks which intersected the trail. A coating of fresh powder had created a blank white canvas and... continue reading
The sap has been let loose from winter hibernation by the maple trees in the North Country! Maple syrup production is in full swing now and just in time for the New York State Maple Producers upcoming Maple Weekends. The next two weekends, March 17th and 18th, and 24th and 25th, will see New York State Maple Producers opening their doors to visitors for tours, demonstrations and sampling. What could be better than fresh, hot, right-out-of-the-evaporator maple syrup? Yesterday we were fortunate to have a tour of one of our local maple producers, Heaven Hill Farm, in Lake Placid.... continue reading
It's been a strange winter weather-wise. Mother Nature has been toying with us here in the Adirondacks for some time now--spring-like weather one day, blinding snow the next. Then back to spring again.Last August brought a storm unlike any other that Adirondackers had witnessed. Wells Memorial Library in Upper Jay was a victim of the wrath of Hurricane Irene. But after a fall full of fund-raising and labor, the library was reopened in January.Today, it's hard to believe that it was ever closed, let alone filled with three feet of water spewing through the main floor.I even overheard some... continue reading
One moment if feels like spring is on the way and the next we get 2" of fresh snow in the Adirondacks around Whiteface and the Olympic village of Lake Placid. My family is now in the midst of biathlon and skate skiing. Though we still get out on the trails with our microspikes, snowshoes and XC skies, it's the skate skiing that has taken this family by storm.I drop my son off for his weekly skate ski lesson and poke around to see what else we can do while he fine-tunes his biathlon skills. The Lodge is warm and comfortable with a TV highlighting the news while a few people cozy up in front of... continue reading
"Skating on Water"February 7, 1917—Ask the average man or boy, "Why is such glorious freedom of movement possible on ice and nothing else?" and the chances are ten to one that you will get the answer "Because the ice is so smooth."But is that the reason? Dr. Joly, in a lecture before the Royal Dublin society, pointed out that polished glass is much smoother than roughened ice, whereas on the glass it would be impossible. He proved by interesting experiments that we must seek further for an explanation. His solution, arrived at only after the most careful investigation, is that we owe the... continue reading
After a slow start to the ski season, our late February snowstorm was a glistening offering of beautiful powder. After all, spring has been fast approaching and an increasingly filled-in calendar makes all skiers furrow their brows in worry about how many more skis they will have before all the snow is melted.My Labrador retriever, Wren, and I lost no time in enjoying the new-found winter playground. While the snow was still falling and blowing we headed out to the Jackrabbit Trail - a favorite among local cross country skiers. We found that others had the same idea and a few folks had kicked... continue reading


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