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Halloween is right around the corner and we are putting on the final touches to our Flintstones costumes. Oh, yes. We are the family that dresses up. My son chose the theme and we just "yab-a-daba-do" our way through a dress-up bin full of costume bits. Since we don't really live in Bedrock, dressing like the Flintstones has its disadventages. The underarmor I will be wearing under my shoulderless Wilma dress adds little to the look while "Barney" has been complaining about a few up drafts. It was his idea. So we do what we need to do being in the Adirondacks in autumn; layer, layer layer. It... continue reading
Like any good parents, we bought a used canoe for our dog on her first birthday.My husband Kevin and I have been kayaking for years. We have matching flat water boats; medium-sized so that they work well for excursions on Lake Champlain as well as on smaller slow-moving Adirondack rivers.Our previous dog, a black lab, didn't go along on kayak trips; he was more of a power boating sort. But we've been dreaming of multi-day family hiking/camping trips by water, portaging our boat from lake to lake, along with all of our gear, and our newly adopted doberman/shepherd puppy, Katie.We can't fit a... continue reading
Getting my family outside is as simple as opening up the door. The leaves are still bright gold and red in parts of the Adirondacks. We only need to look up at the trees to relish the gorgeous autumn colors. It is foggy and a bit damp from a recent rain so we just pull off the side of Route 73 to enjoy and explore nature around us.One place we like to relax is the Cascade Lakes boat launch on Route 73. Those stopping to climb either Pitchoff or Cascade Mountains easily miss this area. Upper and Lower Cascade Lakes are familiar to hikers as the access for Cascade and Pitchoff Mountains. Others... continue reading
This is the time of year I spend many lunch hours walking the 2.7 mile route around Mirror Lake. Cooler temps and a less hectic schedule allow me this luxury as the busy season winds down. Since my walks are really geared toward taking off the handful of pounds I've put on since I started sitting at a desk Monday through Friday, I try to avert my eyes while passing by the numerous and tempting window displays in the eateries along the Main Street part of my route. Some days I just have to "cave" and stop in at one of the many great places that offer up tempting creations for the palate.Along... continue reading
By Diane Chase, author of Adirondack Family Time Tri-Lakes and High Peaks: Your Four-Season Guide to Over 300 Activities (covering Lake Placid, Saranac Lake, Tupper Lake, Wilmington, Keene, Jay)I know, another festival. I do wonder though how many children really know about the origin of a harvest festival?  Since my children are not required to work the field and therefore do not require a celebration from such backbreaking work, their idea of the harvest is face painting and jugglers. The only items my children harvest are the occasional pumpkin or basket of apples on a school field trip.... continue reading
Apples are the perfect fruit in my opinion. I don't have to peel one. It easily slips into a lunchbox. It can survive being dug out of the bottom of our backpacks after one of our Adirondack hikes. My children have always been able eat one without any assistance. I bake it, cook it, boil it and eat it raw. It can be tart and sweet. Apples are even members of the rose family. How perfect.U-Pick Orchards are a great opportunity to carve out a bit of time, enjoy nature and reap the benefits of a fall harvest. The first time I ever went apple picking my daughter's contribution was a small bite... continue reading
In our office we are constantly asked where one can go to see the fall colors the best. After yesterday afternoon I can unequivocally tell people where that "spot" is. That spot would be about 4,000 feet up in the air! We were fortunate yesterday to be treated to a scenic flight from Lake Placid airport by Steve Short of Adirondack Flying Service. I've taken these flights on previous occasions, but never in the fall when the leaves were near peak color. It was nothing short of spectacular. It was an unbelievable fall day although it felt more like mid-summer. The temperature was... continue reading
Autumn brings with it a barrage of activities to the Adirondacks. Leaf-peepers line the scenic highways and the fall harvest celebrations are in full swing. There is no better way to mark that distinct transition between summer and fall than an Oktoberfest celebration. For those traditionalists seeking a Bavarian experience the annual Whiteface Mountain Oktoberfest in Wilmington on October 1-2, 2011 is full of oom-pah-pah. (I couldn’t resist.) The free shuttle from Lake Placid is almost worth the price of admission. Nothing beats that valet parking. My children are too... continue reading
Keene Valley is bustling with visitors this week and is usually a bustling little village at the foot of the High Peaks of the Adirondacks. However, just a couple of weeks ago this definitely wasn't the case. Hurricane Irene dealt this little community a whopping blow by washing out one of the main arteries into the community. But the good news is NYS Route 73, leading to Keene Valley from The Adirondack Northway (I-87), was repaired and opened in record-setting time, thanks to Governor Andrew Cuomo's constant monitoring to ensure this small community wasn't cut off from it's lifeblood of... continue reading
It is a special treat to be invited into an artist's sanctified dominion and on the last weekend each September the public is invited to enter local studios for the annual Tri-Lakes "Artist at Work Studio Tour." We have friends that are artists. I have brought my children through a painter's loft, woodcarver's shop and peeked in the windows of the weaver's domain. They have been shown how glass is blown and photographs are developed and altered. I want my children to know that sculptures, buildings and the artwork that surrounds them are produced by someone and presented in an original and... continue reading


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