Snacking along Main

This is the time of year I spend many lunch hours walking the 2.7 mile route around Mirror Lake. Cooler temps and a less hectic schedule allow me this luxury as the busy season winds down. Since my walks are really geared toward taking off the handful of pounds I've put on since I started sitting at a desk Monday through Friday, I try to avert my eyes while passing by the numerous and tempting window displays in the eateries along the Main Street part of my route. Some days I just have to "cave" and stop in at one of the many great places that offer up tempting creations for the palate.


Along the street from the post office to the Saranac Avenue intersection, there are 26 places to either get a snack or sit down and dine. That's pretty respectable for a village with a population of a little less than 3,000 residents. We've been welcoming and feeding hungry visitors to our alpine village since the 1850's when Joseph Nash became an "accidental" innkeeper as this little farming village found itself "over-run with tourists", attracted by the spectacular scenery and clean air.

These days the eateries on Main Street run the gamut. You can snack on everything from wild game jerky to decadent chocolate ganache, dine in a cozy wine bar, sit outside on a second floor deck overlooking Mirror Lake, or party on a rooftop high above Main Street (outside dining and partying being weather dependent, of course). The choices are almost unlimited.


I have become a frequent fan of Emma's Creamery, because they offer a Dole Pineapple Whip that's to die for, is dairy free, fat free and only 80 calories. I can justify it after a walk around the lake. I'm also a fan of every eatery on the street, although my better judgement in the calorie department doesn't let me indulge very often.


Here they are, not in any particular order. Count 'em - twenty six:

Sugar Shack Dessert Co., Generations Restaurant, Gordo's Burritos, The Coffee Bar, Soulshine Bagel, Northern Exposure, Goose Watch Winery, Adirondack Popcorn Co., Temptations from Lake Placid Gourmet, Emma's Creamery, Milano North, Starbuck's Coffee, The Breakfast Club, etc, Ben & Jerry's, Big Mountain Deli, Candy Man, Great Adk. Steak and Seafood, Ere's Pizza Restaurant, Bluesberry Bakery, Pete's Steakhouse, Jimmy's Restaurant, China City, House of Jerky, Brown Dog Cafe & Wine Bar, Dancing Bears, and Players Sports Bar.

We've been at this hospitality thing a long time here in Lake Placid, so if you're planning an eating binge or just a visit to Lake Placid, you can check out most of these dining or retail establishments on our website.

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