Family Fun: Going Adirondack Green for Earth Day

Girl with magnifying glassCelebrating Earth Day in the Adirondacks is a natural fit. Showing your family a section of the world that has been protected and treasured by millions is the beginning of an important education. I do not need to get on my soapbox because each person that comes here has a love and respect for the Adirondack Park in common. So for this Earth Day, whatever we do, the gesture does not have to be grand. It can be more like a New Year's Resolution for the earth.

With the Adirondack Park's unique mix of public and private land, I always hope my children will understand the importance of people working together to protect nature for all.

Some of us just need a little help to be green. So here are a few ideas for Earth Day in the Adirondacks. No such thing as a free ride? Not this April 22 as Essex County is giving anyone traveling by bus a free ride.Yes, free.

There are plenty of wonderful hotels and motels throughout the High Peaks. People choose their accommodations in Lake Placid, Wilmington and beyond for a variety reasons. Each place offers a unique view of the Adirondacks. For those looking for a green perspective, there are options available.

Riding bike

Though I do believe every day is earth day, I do not want to trivialize the fact by making my children feel they have to make some grand gesture. I hope that I can continue to nurture their respect for nature as we explore the trails and mountains we cherish throughout the High Peaks.

Being green is as easy as riding a bike. Springtime is the perfect time to ride a bike or rent a canoe and view the Adirondacks from a different perspective. We spend so much time driving and rushing around that these gas-free modes of transportation allow us the opportunity to rediscover the importance of nature in our everyday life.

I hope my children will continue to ask questions each time we make a purchase and they decide to look for something made locally or with minimal packaging. I am still astonished when my daughter questions what happens to the container that can't be recycled. I remember being her age and never wondering the final resting place of my candy wrappers.

So for our Earth Day celebration we will spend time together and make choices that we hope will become an integral part of our life, unlike our New Year's Resolutions.

Looking at NatureDiane Chase's Adirondack Family Time™ Tip: Even though we've had recent snow there are still plenty of signs of spring around the Adirondacks. Have children take pictures of trees in bud or emerging plants and identify them together.

all photos and content © Diane Chase, Adirondack Family Time™. Diane Chase is the author of the Adirondack Family Time guidebook series and co-owner of the the young adult wilderness adventure program, Adirondack Outdoor Expeditions.

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