Family Fun: National Luge Championships in Lake Placid

Olympic Sports Complex Combined Track

Being near an Olympic town, mychildren can become a bit nonchalant about the experience. Seeing world-class athletes and national champions is just another day in Lake Placid. It takes a visit from family for the kids to remember how unusual it is to see an Olympic ski jump or witness athletes vying for a coveted spot on a national team.

It hasn't lost its appeal for me. It is magical to see the teamwork and dedication required to be part of such sports as biathlon, ski jumping and luge.

This weekend allows for plenty of opportunity to be "part" of the United States Luge Team. On Saturday, March 5, the Norton National Luge Championship will take place at the Olympic Sports Complex Combined Track, winding up the racing season. Athletes will compete for the National Luge title with awards being presented that evening on Mirror Lake. For an admission of $4.00 you can watch the fastest sport on ice. There are plenty of places to watch the action with a beautiful backdrop of the High Peaks in the distance.

If the weather holds for March 6, Sunday, there will be the Norton National Seeding race where sliders use this opportunity to vie for a spot on the National Luge team. Athletes are awarded points on the basis of results from various seeding races for the highest finishing (eligible) athlete ranking.

Olympic Luge spectator

One way to participate without having to go through all the necessary training is to get a team together and participate in the 2nd annual Rock 105 Adirondack International Toboggan Championship, on Mirror Lake. For the second year, the event will be used as a fundraiser for USA Luge. For a $10 admission  a team of four gets to take two runs, competing for the longest run. Prizes will be awarded but all fees benefit USA Luge.

My child did participate in a slider search one year but that is the extent of our participation. So for us, the April USA Luge Fantasy Camp, is not on the radar. Former Olympic and World medal winners coach participants on proper start, steering and racing techniques. It is a full package that engulfs people into the sport while also raising funds for the team.

Adirondack Family Time Tip: Every weekday at 2:00 p.m. the USA Luge Headquarters, 57 Church Street, Lake Placid gives free tours of their facility. 

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