Dog Days of Summer

Dog paddling through the Adirondacks

Last summer, due to a cool new job (ya know...where I get to write about the Adirondack Park) I spent a ton of time exploring close to home. Stay-cationing, as the case may be. I was shocked to find out exactly how many free and/or super-affordable options presented themselves. We biked, hiked, paddled, swam, camped, boated, and then did it all again. We checked out free concerts, visited farmers' markets, took in free kids' shows, and watched fireworks. And, we're one of the pet-friendliest places I've ever visited! What an awesome, stress-free place to be! So, this year, I think you should visit. Grab your bikes, your kayaks, your kids (two- and/or four-legged), and hit the Adirondacks up. Whether you want to stay at one of our award-winning high-end resorts, or camp on the shores of a lake, you'll never be far from adventure. The Adirondacks are literally at your doorstep - read more about our perfect Lake Placid insider tips and plan to roll down the windows, feel the wind in your fur, and head to the 'Dacks. Who's with me?

Our furry friends agree - the Adirondacks Rrrrrrock!

Check out our upcoming events and special package deals, and start planning your trip now!

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