A FREE SHUTTLE SERVICE/Whiteface Mountain Valley Shuttle

Why drive when
you can take the bus for FREE?

Serving Lake Placid
/ Whiteface / Wilmington / Jay / Ausable Forks

The Mountain
Valley Shuttle offers free public transportation service between Lake
Placid and Ausable Forks. It also includes service for skiers and riders to
Whiteface Mountain.

Shuttle departures
for Whiteface begin at Mirror Lake Inn at 7:00am each morning from December 17th - March 18th. Designated shuttle bus stops include: Crowne Plaza, High Peaks Resort,
Municipal Lot/Golden Arrow, Olympic Center (Connection with the year round Lake
Placid Xpress trolley service), Art Devlin's, and Northwood School and arrives
at Whiteface Mountain at approximately 7:35am. There are additional loops throughout
the day.

The Mountain
Valley Shuttle features four shuttles daily from the town of Ausable
Forks and the village of Jay to Whiteface. The shuttle stops are at the Ausable
Forks Grand Union and the Village of Jay Park. The Town of Wilmington will have
four shuttle stops a day Monday through Friday bringing passengers from the
Wilmington Visitors Bureau to Whiteface, with weekend and holiday service increasing
to 12 stops a day, plus additional stops at the Whiteface Chalet.

for the Mountain Valley Shuttle schedule.

Note: The Lake Placid Xpress Green Trolleys will
also operate throughout the winter and will include a stop at the Olympic Center/Box
Office to transfer riders to the Mountain Valley Shuttle bus departing for Whiteface.

for complete Lake Placid Xpress Green Trolley