World Snowshoe Championships 2017

The Saranac Lake Region is well-versed in hosting high-caliber events including the Empire State Winter Games, 90-Miler Canoe Classic, Can-Am Rugby Tournament, Cycle Adirondacks. The Region has hosted many road running races, and similar snowshoe events coordinated by these same organizers. The 2017 World Snowshoe Championships will be a unique event utilizing both new and known course routes. The new course will run through the Saranac Lake village streets, then the track will move onto Dewey Mt. which is a well-known course. 

This event is open to EVERYONE! Race against athletes from all over the world in the race of your choice: 10K World Championships, 5K Junior World Championship (Ages 19 + under), 5K Snowshoe Shoe-Be-Doo walking party! No prerequisites or qualifications necessary! Register today