The Bookstore Plus Host's Author Signing Event with Children's Book Author Brian Heinz!

Saturday, August 18th, 2018| Author Signing Event with Childrens Book Author Brian Heinz!

The Bookstore Plus is excited to host author Brian Heinz for a book signing event.  Brian will be at The Bookstore Plus on Saturday, August 18th, 2018, from 1 to 3 PM to autograph copies of his book's;

"The Great North Wood's", "Adirondack Lullaby", and "A Coming of Winter in The Adiorondacks"

About The Books: 

"Adirondack Lullaby":  In the Adirondack Mountains; as day melts into night; an orchestra plays lullabies; a wilderness delight. Musicians and their instruments; an odd, High Peaks percussion band; gather near and far and wide; to play this rugged land. This North Country concert; from mountain to sky; is music by nature; an Adirondack Lullaby. This beautifully-illustrated board book will introduce young readers to the delights of the natural sounds of the Adirondacks.

"The Great North Wood's": 

The Great North Woods is a vast habitat of boreal forest that extends from the eastern Great Lakes, across four northeastern U.S. states, (northern NY, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine,) and continues into the Canadian province of Quebec. Through rich language and evocative verse, author Brian Heinz propels young readers into the heart of this region, from dawn through darkness, exploring the dynamics and diversity of this environment. The text is enhanced by Michael Rothman’s exquisitely detailed and atmospheric paintings, which illuminate the flora and the fauna, the drama and the beauty, of this unique ecosystem.

About The Author:

Brian Heinz is the critically-acclaimed author of eighteen books for children. His books include fiction and nonfiction, in verse and in prose, from the silly to true-to-life, in multiple genres. He is a former middle school educator of Language Arts and Science, and has taught Writing for Children at the prestigious Hofstra University Summer Writers Program for ten years. He presents 90 days of programs a year at schools and professional conferences, both regionally and nationally.



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