Teddy Bear Picnic

The annual community Teddy Bear Picnic is happening again, and more exciting than ever,
under the auspices of the Lake Placid Rotary Club.
Chockful of fun activities, this year’s Teddy Bear Picnic will take place on Sunday,
September 23 from 11am -1pm at the Kiwanis Teddy Bear Park, on Hillcrest Avenue.
As is traditional, there will be a parade of children 5th grade and younger, with costumes,
decorated wagons and strollers, accompanied by their parents, with prizes for the most
creative outfit and decorations.
Other activities include games, people reading aloud from books, face-painting, toys, and of
course, teddy bears, as well as many other surprises!
Community groups will be there to educate the children on their services to the Village.
There will be face painting, reading and games. The children will be given “Teddy Bear
Bucks” to buy coloring books, crayons, stuffed animals, etc. at the shop set up in the park.
The event wouldn’t be complete without food, so expect hot dogs and ice cream.
This community service project is free to children and their families. Registration begins at
11 a.m.. Parade kickoff at noon. Awards at 12:30pm. There is no rain date.
Founded in 1992 by the Kiwanis Club of Lake Placid, the purpose of the Teddy Bear Picnic is
as a fun play day for children ages three to fifth grade. With the unfortunate closing of the
Lake Placid chapter of Kiwanis, many feared that the annual event would not happen this
However, the Rotary Club of Lake Placid wanted to continue the 25-year tradition and is
stepping in to make sure it takes place so as not to disappoint families who look forward to
Rotarian Cindy DeMars, leading the event, said, “We are so thankful to Kiwanis for donating
the Teddy Bear Park and starting this great community tradition! We are looking for
donations of clean toys and stuffed animals that we can use as prizes for the children. All
donations can be brought to the Lake Placid Adirondack Bank through Friday September
The Rotary Club of Lake Placid is a group of people who enjoy making a difference in the
local community and worldwide. We support projects here at home as well as international
projects that aim toward peace, education, health and economic development. To find out
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