Pop & Flo National Duals Wrestling "Miracle on the Mat"

Journeymen and Flowrestling join forces to create one of the top alliances in wrestling. This event has taken the wrestling world by surprise. It has immediately been identified as one of the premier national tournaments in the country. Hosted in one of the most historic buildings in athletics, the ambiance and picturesque Adirondack landscape will rock you to the core. Flowrestling will cover the event on their website (certain rounds live), while college coaches from around the country will be invited to come meet the best high school talent in the land.

High School: Tournament is based on 32 teams on 8 mats, guaranteeing each squad a minimum of 5 duals, no matter what round they lose in the competition. All 32 teams will begin in the championship bracket. The 16 teams that lose in their first round will go into their own bracket for a separate tournament. The 8 teams that lose in the second round will do the same – creating their own tournament bracketing. When each team in their respective bracket has had two bouts, we will end up with four 8-team brackets and 32 teams will wrestle it out for their respective titles.

Youth: Pool format. 16 teams (Pool wrestling and then crossover matches against corresponding place finisher in other pools).  6 or 7 matches in all.

Since there’s so much individual as well as team talent in the field of competition, we want to showcase these individual studs in head-to-head matches. We will organize 8 individual matchups of the most talented competitors to be broadcast live on FLO. This will take place Saturday evening after the last round of competition.

• Spectators/Parents: $10 per day ($20 for both days)