Multiple Author Book Signing Event

Multiple Author Signing Event! 

The Bookstore Plus is pleased to invite you to our Summer Authors Event. Five authors will be joining us at The Bookstore Plus for a multiple author signing event. Come meet and mingle with regionally and nationally published authors and support them by buying their book and having them autograph your copy! 

Featuring authors:

Sally Svenson: Black In The Adirondacks


Blacks in the Adirondacks: A History tells the story of the many African Americans who settled in or passed through this rural, mountainous region of northeastern New York State. In the area for a variety of reasons, some were lifetime residents, while others were there for a few years or months—as summer employees, tuberculosis patients, or in connection with full or part-time occupations in railroading, the performing arts, and baseball.

Sall E. Svenson: Is an Independent scholar.  She is the author of Adirondack Churches: A History of Design and Building 


Sherrie Gallagher: Sophie’s Search (Fiction), Out Of The Storm (Fiction) 

About The Book:

Sophie's Search

Sophie Stearns and her search dog, Belle, flee to the mountains that feed her soul and straight into the arms of the one man she could truly love. If only he didn't hate her.

Widowed and buried in debt, Sophie Stearns is not going to pin her dreams on a man again - even if Patrick O'Brien is the man of her dreams. Making her environmental engineering company a financial success is her only hope for a secure future.  

Patrick O'Brien learned the hard way city girls will rip a man's heart out to get what they want. After his ex-wife's betrayal, he bolted to the Adirondacks to lick his wounds and forge a new life protecting the fragile mountain ecosystem from development. The best way to stop the newest threat, Shopsmart is to shut down their environmental engineering contractor, Sophie Stearns.

When a saboteur destroys Sophie's project and threatens her life, only Patrick's intervention can save her business. But Patrick must decide which is more important: his principles or his need to protect the Adirondacks. With the project deadline looming, Sophie must choose between using Belle to rescue a special needs child or saving her fledgling business.

Will their choices lead to love or loneliness?

Out Of The Storm

It's way too easy to die in the Adirondacks.

All of Sloane Westin's training has drummed the risks of mountain terrain into her head, but she's promised God she'll take the risk if she can prevent a combat veteran from suicide. Since her husband took his own life three years earlier, it has been just Sloane and her search dog Orex. Now Incident Command has teamed her with Conor McCollum, an annoying, overbearing man who wants to run the show.

Conor McCollum owes his old Army commander Bill Frasier his life. Payback is due. Conor may hold the key to bringing Bill back out of the storm of hallucinations filling his mind if he can get close enough. Why Incident Command has teamed him with pretty girlie-girl, Sloane Westin, is beyond him. He doesn't need a human anchor slowing him down.

 A dangerous ice storm is bearing down on the Adirondacks. Can Sloane and Conor work together to rescue Bill out of the storm? Or will Mother Nature claim three more lives in the vast wilderness of the Adirondack Mountains?

About the Author:

Sherri Gallagher is passionate about canine search and rescue, delighting readers with her keen understanding of the singular trust between dog and handler. Her teen novels, Turn, Go Find, and Bark Alert has hit the Amazon bestsellers list for multiple weeks. Her unique experiences as a woman engineer, business owner, and canine handler come alive on the pages of her latest series, Search the North Country. Sophie's Search is the first of a four-book series.


Hearth Moon Rising: Divining with Animal Guides: Answers from the World at Hand

About the book:

Step into the next level of understanding in the animal world…

Divining with Animal Guides shines a light on the path you are taking, illuminating the messages, guideposts, and secret codes that mark your interaction with the world around you. Like Invoking Animal Magic, this is a book to be enjoyed as well as referenced, with lots of fun stories, surprising facts, and quirky insights.

To further understanding of animal metaphors, the processes of sight and sound are explored, along with elementary numerology. A framework for understanding animal encounters emerges, along with enhanced ability to recognize important signs.

The book discusses many different types of animals with the goal of generalizing the material, but a few of the ones that are explored in detail are cats, deer, bees, horses, ravens, crocodiles, and scorpions. This is a spiritual text, pulling from Celtic, Norse, Roman, Greek, Slavic, Mesopotamian, and Egyptian traditions. There are over ninety illustrations.

Divining with Animal Guides is your definitive guide for interpreting animal encounters.

Publishing Date: February 23, 2018

About the author:

Hearth Moon Rising loves exploring the multidimensional aspects of animal encounters. She takes an experiential and historical approach to understanding the powers we share with our furred, feathered and scaled friends. Hearth lives in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York, where she devotes much of her time to outdoor pursuits such as hiking, snowshoeing and mountain biking. Hearth is a licensed outdoor guide.

Hearth was initiated as a Dianic priestess in 1987 and ordained as a priestess of Ishtar in the Fellowship of Isis in 1990. She has taught magic and led ritual for over two decades. Hearth’s first book, Invoking Animal Magic, was hailed for its innovative approach to connecting with animal spirits. Her latest book, Divining with Animal Guides, continues to reflect the unique perspective rooted in tradition that Hearth’s readers have come to expect.


Don Cazentre: Spirits & Cocktails of Upstate New York: A History

About The Book

From the Hudson Valley to the Niagara River, Upstate New York has a long and grand history of spirits and cocktails. Early colonists distilled rum, and pioneering settlers made whiskey. In the 1800s, a fanciful story of a tavern keeper and a “cock's tail” took root along the Niagara River, and the earliest definition of the “cocktail” appeared in a Hudson Valley paper. The area is home to its share of spirited times and liquid legends, and the recent surge in modern distilleries and cocktail bars only bolsters that tradition. Author Don Cazentre serves up these tales of Upstate New York along with more than fifty historic and modern cocktail recipes.

About The Author:

Don Cazentre is a veteran journalist who has been writing about beer and the alcoholic beverage industry since the mid-1990s. He is the craft beer, wine and spirits writer for and the coauthor of New York Breweries (2nd ed.). He lives in Syracuse, New York.


Paige Jaeger: Who WIll Roar If I Go

About The Book:

Peek inside and see 13 endangered animals who need help before they disappear! The Lion is losing his home to roam; The Elephants are losing their tusks; Grevy's Zebra is losing his friends; The Tiger is losing his Stripes, and the Blue Karner Butterflies are losing a place to flit and fly. But we can all help if we just learn how. With beautiful watercolor illustrations and rhyming verse that tells each animals' story, Who Will Roar If I Go will introduce the basics of endangered species to young children and open up conversations of what we can all do to help.

About The Author:

Paige Jaeger spent 18 years as an educator, administrator, librarian and currently delivers PD to schools around the USA. She is widely published in many professional journals and has keynoted many state library conventions. Paige LOVES to see children thinking and caring about their future! Her books are written to inspire thought and understanding. In her spare time, she's a wife, mother, and Granny.

Please join us and help support your local bookstore for this exciting event! 

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