Cirque Éloize's Hotel


Hotel is the story of a place and the travelers who come passing through it.

A stopover where lives intersect, collide and juxtapose for a brief time to generate tales and memories.

Acrobatics, theatre, dance and live music will draw spectators into a colorful and timeless world. Avant-garde stage design, inspired by the elegance of the great hotels, will carry the narrative, complete with cinematographic projections and magical effects. All that remains is to enter through the lobby door and get swept away by the grandeur and poetry of Hotel.

Celebrating their 25th anniversary, Cirque Éloize once again presents a touching, poetic, one-of-a-kind creation. A driving force of Quebec culture and a leader in the contemporary circus world, Cirque Éloize has brought together the circus arts with other art forms as well as technology to thrill audiences seeking sensually rich entertainment. Acclaimed by over 3 million spectators, its creations iD, Cirkopolis and Saloon have been performed over 5,000 times in over 500 cities all over the world.


About Cirque Éloize

A driving force in the circus art reinvention movement, Cirque Éloize has been creating award-winning entertainment content for 25 years and ranks among the world's leading contemporary circuses.

Cirque Éloize has taken part in numerous prestigious international festivals and has seduced both New York's Broadway and London's West End. Its productions are crafted for a wide range of audiences and have been embraced by over fifty cultures.

For 25 years, Cirque Éloize's fifteen productions have proudly boasted more than 5,500 performances in over 550 cities and have been seen by over 3,5 million spectators. Cirkopolis and Saloon are respectfully the ninth and eleventh touring shows under the Cirque Éloize banner. In addition to its touring shows, more than 1,600 Cirque Éloize designed events have taken place worldwide.

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