41st Annual CAN-AM International Rugby Tournament

Annual CAN-AM Rugby Tournament in Lake Placid and Saranac Lake. 


Make sure to register for the 2014 Can-Am Rugby Tournament. Spots fill up quickly so don’t wait until the last minute. 



Men Premier, Men Club, Men Social

Women’s Division: Over 35, Over 45, Over 50, Over 55+

Welcome to the 41st annual Can-Am Rugby tournament, hosted by the Mountaineers RFC.

Thru the years many faces have come and gone thru the Mountaineers teams, club board and the Can-Am tournament board. However our love of rugby and dedication to host ruggers from all over the world each August at the largest rugby tournament in North America has remained constant.

As a native of Saranac Lake I have been attending Can-Am Rugby games for as long as I can remember. I have been playing for six years, an officer of the club for four and am in my third year as president. During my time as a Mountaineer I have seen ups and downs, good times and bad just as any club. As we face the same issues as other clubs, problems with recruiting, funding, fields, refs etc. we also have dreams like other clubs. Dreams such as, our own clubhouse, pitches, international tours and of course championship wins on Sunday. With the help of the Can-Am tournament, a loyal community and generations of dedicated ruggers some of these dreams have come true and some we will continue to strive toward. And with the high school Adirondack rugby teams drawing more and more interest I can see we will have a strong future.

From players, alumni, rugby fans and families and even just active community members the Mountaineers have been blessed with unequaled dedication. The Mountaineers board spends many hours behind the scenes making sure our club thrives and above all the Can-Am board works year round to make hosting over 2,000 rugby players, friends and families look effortless. I would like to take a second and express my admiration and deepest thanks to these extremely hardworking people who do all of this for their simple love of the game; they never ask for anything and don’t bat an eye at the many requests they receive. They just take pride in helping ruggers and our community.

As men and women, players and fans travel from all over to a little town in the heart of the Adirondacks for one action packed weekend a year, keep in mind the history of this tournament, the legacy we have built and the future we hope to have. Enjoy your weekend with friends (new and old) and family. Work hard on the field and play hard off. Be safe and considerate of your teammates, opponents and surroundings and you can be a positive part of this year’s tournament that will no doubt be remembered for years to come.

In closing, the Mountaineers RFC will be out and about all weekend sporting Mountaineers apparel. As the host team from the Men, Women and Old boys if we can be of any help feel free to approach us. We hope to make this weekend one you will cherish forever. Have a great weekend playing and watching the best game in the world. Also make sure to take a second and enjoy this great town nestled in the Adirondacks. And when you get back to work on Monday or Tuesday if that extra day of recovery is needed try not to be frustrated when others just don’t get what you experienced and understand: your love of rugby; rough, tough, humbling RUGBY!


Thank You
Cameron Moody, President
Mountaineers Rugby Football Club