Rocky Falls

A gentle walk to a lovely minature waterfall. This hike's charm is the easy route and the lovely setting.

Rocky Falls Trailhead: At the Adirondack Loj, pay parking fee ($10 as of 2013) & follow signs to Indian Pass Trail, which first proceeds along the shore of Heart Lake and then heads to the southwest on a gently rolling profile. At 2.1 miles from Adirondak Loj, go right on a trail that leads to Indian Pass Brook. If the water isn't too high, cross the brook and follow the trail up the other side to a lean-to and the falls. Alternatively, follow a somewhat overgrown trail up the near side to the falls and a possible crossing to the lean-to.

4.6 miles RT, Easy Walk

Time in hours:

Family with Young Kids: To falls: 1+ hr. Round Trip: 2+ Experienced Hiker: To fallst: .75 Round Trip: 1.5 Out of Shape Hiker: To Summit: 1 hr. Round Trip 2

Some photos courtesy of Jon Binder. Read their blog post about this hike!