Big Crow, Little Crow

Known to locals as "The Crows," these two peaks offer great photography opportunities with their many open ledges, and views of 28 other peaks. Possible side trips, such as to the lesser peak, Little Crow.

Trailhead: Get to Crow Mt. Clearing from exit 30 off the Northway. At the Village of Keene (heading for Lake Placid) turn right on Hurricane Road, then O'Toole Lane (dirt) until the end, and park on the left.

.7 miles to summit of Big Crow, Easy Climb, Elevation 2815’

Time in hours:

Family with Young Kids: To Summit: .75 Round Trip: 1.5 Experienced Hiker: To Summit: .5 Round Trip: 1.0 Out of Shape Hiker: To Summit: .75 Round Trip 1.5

Some photos courtesy of Read their blog post about this hike!