Mt. Pisgah Recreation Center

The recent addition of a mountain bike trail adjacent to the ski trail at Mt. Pisgah is absolutely fantastic. While there is only a short distance available right now, more is expected in the future.

The section of trail that is currently completed is smooth, and fast. There are nicely shaped berms at every corner as the trail flows over the rolling terrain.

There are plans currently underway to expand the riding at Pisgah to both sides of ski slope.

There are two ways to access the trail at Mt. Pisgah. The best riding as of August 2013 is on the left hand side of the mountain as you are looking up the ski slope. Riders can pedal or push up the ski slope and look for a trail entering the woods on the left. This may be the easiest option to find the trail.

The other option is to pedal up the dirt road that leads to the big water tower adjacent to the ski area. The mountain bike trail begins on the uphill side of the water tower. Usually there is a small muddy spot right before the trail begins. I would expect these routes to become more obvious as time goes on and I also expect the signage to improve.

The Mountain Bike Trail at Mt. Pisgah exists through the hard work of a few local volunteers, members of the Barkeater Trail Alliance, and students who are in the Forestry program through an organization called BOCES. The students have been learning how to operate equipment by removing necessary trees and brush for the trail. When they are finished with their work, the trail builders come in make the surface nice and smooth for rolling mountain bike tires.

The smooth terrain at Mt. Pisgah is great for riders of all skill levels. The Barkeater Trails Alliance has published a map for the area and it is available at Blue Line Sports in Saranac Lake.

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