Mount Marcy

Peak Name

Mount Marcy

Most Popular Winter Trailhead 

VanHoevenberg Trail



Round Trip Distance

14.8 miles

Average Round-trip Time

10 to 12 hours

Winter Obstacles to be Aware Of

High winters and frigid temperatures above tree line, be aware of possible whiteout conditions above tree line as well, with this condition the open summit can be very confusing and often difficult to find the trail down. 

Route Overview

This trail is by far the most popular winter route up Mount Marcy and typically due to the pure feasibility of access and prime conditions. 

The trail is an easy approach from the Adirondack Loj hiker mecca. The first 2.3 miles is rolling hills to Marcy Dam where the trail is heavily traveled. From there the trail is a bit less used but still very hard packed as you pass by the Tabletop Mountain Trail, and Indian Falls.  With only a few steep pitches along the way to tree line you will just have to deal with distance but snowshoes are perfect. 

Once at tree line the trail can be very hazardous, be aware of your surroundings and enjoy the stellar views. Traction is a bit more difficult and with that heavy winds are often apparent.  

Essential Gear

Full crampons may be needed above tree line depending on ice conditions, it is important to have them with you. Facemask, waterproof/windproof shell, heavy gloves are essential for warmth-they may not be needed, but should be with you no question. Goggles are sometimes good depending on wind and temperatures.  

Please refer to our basic list of winter gear recommendations for day trips and remember this list is only a recommendation and you should take into light your experience, group size, length of trip, conditions, weather forecast, and any unforeseen incidences. 

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