Lower Cascade Lake

Chances are, on your visit to Lake Placid and Essex County, you’ll drive by the Cascade Lakes. Located on Route 73 between Keene and Lake Placid, they are hard to miss. But fishermen should stop and take a look at what these twins have to offer. Regarded as two of the best brook trout waters in Essex County, the mountains on the far side of both lakes continue under the water’s surface, leaving Lower Cascade 40 feet at its deepest (at the far south end of the lake away from the launch that sits between the two lakes), while Upper Cascade plummets to 60 feet in the middle.

During the summer months, this is where you will find the brookies and likely brown trout as well. Upper Cascade is also home to some lake trout. In the shallows, look for pumpkinseeds and sunfish in both lakes, along with yellow perch in Lower Cascade. Access is via a boat launch between the two.

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