Cascade Mountain Snowshoe Hike

Cascade is most often climbed with Porter Mountain to get a twofer mountain day by adding very little added distance or effort. 

From the trailhead you drop over the embankment to the trail register and start an easy to moderate climb. There are only a couple somewhat steep sections, but they are very short in distance. High Plateaus give nice breaks along the way. There is a nice viewing area about 3/4 of a mile from the summit atop a small rocky stretch. 

At 0.3 miles shy of the summit the Porter Trail come is on the right, Porter is only 0.7 miles from this point. The remaining distance to Cascade is the best part of the hike. In a short distance you come to tree line and open rock. Initially the conditions and wind are not too bad, but if you venture too far to your left the wind comes up over the ridge and hits pretty hard. To avoid excessive wind, stay to the right and keep some of the rock between you and the wind as a barrier. Enjoy the 360 degree views. 

Heavy winds, arctic conditions, white-outs, and severe wind-chill above tree line can be witnessed and should be prepared for.  

Essential Gear: Wind and cold protection, balaclava, mittens are preferred for added hand warmth; goggles would be good to have just in case you need additional wind protection. 

Elevation: 4,098 feet

Distance, round trip: 4.8 miles, 6.2 miles with Porter Mountain

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