Bloomingdale Bog Trail

A great abundance of birds, especially warblers, flip through this brush lined trail. It is an old railroad maintenance trail that is easy to follow.

HABITATS: Marsh and bog. FEATURED BIRDS: bay-breasted warbler, Canada warbler, black and white warbler, Lincoln's sparrow, rusty blackbirds, Nashville and magnolia warblers, northern parula, blue-headed vireo, black-capped chickadees, golden-crowned kinglets, red-breasted nuthatches and yellow-rumped warblers. SEASON: Best during spring and fall migration. LOCATION: The south end of the trail begins at the north side of the town of Saranac Lake. Look for a cutout of a black dog which marks the parking area off Rt. 86. LAND OWNERSHIP: public land - Adirondack Forest Preserve. NOTES: This trail ends at Buck Pond Camping area.

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