Allen Mountain

Peak Name

Allen Mountain

Most Popular Winter Trailhead 

Adams/Flowed Lands Trailhead to Allen Herd Path



Round Trip Distance

17.0 miles

Average Round-trip Time

9 to 11 hours

Winter Obstacles to be Aware Of

The slide at the top is very steep and can be very slippery

Route Overview

From the trailhead quickly come to the crossing of the Hudson River and then shortly beyond that is Lake Jimmy. Slight climbs will then bring you to the Adams Trail on the left, continue straight along old road. You will remain on the old access road for quite some time, but leave it now and again to a foot trail. 

The herd path is marked with a large Allen arrow on a tree, where the trail continues off to the left toward Flowed Lands and Hanging Spear Falls. From here the herd path remains on old roads for short periods and eventually to more of a foot trail. Once you cross Skylight Brook the trail makes a hard left and then a right up Allen Brook. This is when the climb really begins and makes way up the brook to the base of the slide. The slide is steep but holds snow well. The climb above the slide is equally steep, but trees aid in leverage. The summit has very limited views, but if you poke around a short herd path will lead down to a decent view

Essential Gear

Some climbers choose to use crampons or microspikes for the slide, but in most cases are not required, it might be a good idea to have them along just in case. 

Please refer to our basic list of winter gear recommendations for day trips, remember this list is only a recommendation, and you should take into consideration your experience, group size, length of trip, conditions, weather forecast, and any unforeseen incidences.

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