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The deafening crack happened as soon as I turned my back on Rainbow Falls. It was sharp, like a rifle blast, and followed by a slushy sliding sound that could only mean one thing. Something big was falling. Without hesitation I scurried down the trail and ducked behind a pair of boulders, where I felt safe from whatever was headed my way. As I peeked out from my impromptu stronghold, I was surprised that I couldn't find any evidence of ice dislodging from the mostly frozen waterfall. Everything looked intact and the gorge was quiet again, save for the interminable sound of flowing water. It... continue reading
Leap year is one of those occasions that largely goes unnoticed until it's suddenly the 29th of February and you realize you have that extra day! In the interest of utilizing that extra whole day in 2016 I decided to invent my own perfect leap day in Lake Placid and focus on just ME.  After careful consideration about what I wanted to do, I decided on a little bit of pampering, some coffee and awesome pastry (no, calories don't count on leap day), and then I'd play it by ear.  I slept late (something I almost never do), and started my day out by heading to Starbucks for a splurge of coffee... continue reading
With new venues and ancillary construction for Olympic Games across the globe, there are many communities who live with empty buildings and unused Olympic sports facilities after the close of their Olympic events. Not here. In this world of throw-away everything these days, it's nice to know we have some awesomely repurposed facilities in Lake Placid.  One of them has a very unusual after-use. Olympics in perspective In the years leading up to our last Olympic Games the organizers were committed to creating "an Olympics in perspective," focusing on the athletes and not the grandiose... continue reading
AMERICA’S FIRST WINTER RESORT   Melvil Dewey, we were JUST talking about you.  Actually, in the context of promoting Lake Placid, adirondacks, usa, I talk about him all of the time, as he is the person responsible for our destination being able to proudly claim to be “America’s First Winter Resort." Though people have been vacationing in Lake Placid in the warmer months since the late 1800s, residents and visitors have been playing in the snow in Lake Placid since long before it hosted the 1932 and 1980 Olympic Winter Games.  The community’s winter sports history began with Melvil Dewey,... continue reading
The snow blew past us in horizontal streaks as the yawning mouth of Indian Pass faded in and out of sight like a 1,000-foot-tall ghost. The nearby mountains — giants Marcy and Algonquin, among others — also did a disappearing act as the cloud cover that carried the snow churned against their steep slopes. I explained to my hiking partner, Anna, what the view from Mount Jo looks like on a clear day. "There's Colden and Cascade and Iroquois," I said, pointing into the gray.  Even with the on-again, off-again view, Anna's smile never waned. She had been living in New York City for a dozen... continue reading
Mountain Living The days are shorter and the temperatures are dropping below freezing. Alas, winter is upon us and the outdoor activities may seem minimal to those folks not sure how to embrace the chill. The truth is the seasons don’t stop the cycle of life and the mountains are still waiting. No worries if you're not a skier or skater, there are plenty of ways to get out and enjoy the Adirondacks. The fact of the matter is winter hiking is a whole new experience compared to hiking during any other season. This is an experience I highly recommend trying. I feel as though you may... continue reading
I spend a lot of time hiking in the Adirondacks, but I'd never seen the backcountry at 40 miles per hour until last week. My first time riding a snowmobile was more than 20 years ago, and I think I've only been on one once since then. The sleds of the 1990s were loud, bulky, terrifying machines that seemed as apt to overturn and crush their riders as to providing high-speed fun. I remember clinging to the person who was driving the cumbersome beast as she maneuvered the thing down narrow forest corridors, over dips and around sharp bends. My sense of adventure loved it; my sense of... continue reading
Peter Fish doesn't know how to stop being Peter Fish. Between jokes that would keep any well-intentioned interviewer on his toes — "What brought you to the Adirondacks?" (Answer: "A car") — he spoke of his affinity for the Adirondacks. Something here grabbed a hold of him more than 50 years ago and never let go. He likes open summits, the islands of rock in the High Peaks that, as he put it, "make you feel like you're on a mountain." But there's more to it than that. Peter isn't a peak-bagging junky, hitting the trail just to tally big miles and big elevation gains. During his time... continue reading
National Audubon’s Christmas Bird Count (CBC), the nation’s longest-running citizen science bird project, just completed its 116th year! Here in the Adirondacks, the Saranac Lake CBC just celebrated its 60th year, making it one of the longest-running counts in the country. It was a record-setting year for the count in many respects. Record Number of Observers On January 3rd, a record 53 people fanned out across the Saranac Lake CBC territory, which includes Saranac Lake, Bloomingdale, Ray Brook, and Lake Placid. (Each count is a circle of territory with a 15-mile... continue reading
Winter in Lake Placid is always a festive time of year. With snow blanketing the countryside and the festive atmosphere in the village, you'll want to make sure you immerse yourself in all the area has to offer, including some of our best events of the year. Lake Placid is even creating a winter "Fun Zone" downtown during President's Week. Winter Games From February 4th through the 7th, make it a point to attend some of our Empire State Winter Games competitions. The Games are now in their 36th year. With 27 different events, there's a winter sport sure to pique your interest over the... continue reading