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Peter Fish doesn't know how to stop being Peter Fish. Between jokes that would keep any well-intentioned interviewer on his toes — "What brought you to the Adirondacks?" (Answer: "A car") — he spoke of his affinity for the Adirondacks. Something here grabbed a hold of him more than 50 years ago and never let go. He likes open summits, the islands of rock in the High Peaks that, as he put it, "make you feel like you're on a mountain." But there's more to it than that. Peter isn't a peak-bagging junky, hitting the trail just to tally big miles and big elevation gains. During his time... continue reading
National Audubon’s Christmas Bird Count (CBC), the nation’s longest-running citizen science bird project, just completed its 116th year! Here in the Adirondacks, the Saranac Lake CBC just celebrated its 60th year, making it one of the longest-running counts in the country. It was a record-setting year for the count in many respects. Record Number of Observers On January 3rd, a record 53 people fanned out across the Saranac Lake CBC territory, which includes Saranac Lake, Bloomingdale, Ray Brook, and Lake Placid. (Each count is a circle of territory with a 15-mile... continue reading
Winter in Lake Placid is always a festive time of year. With snow blanketing the countryside and the festive atmosphere in the village, you'll want to make sure you immerse yourself in all the area has to offer, including some of our best events of the year. Lake Placid is even creating a winter "Fun Zone" downtown during President's Week. Winter Games From February 4th through the 7th, make it a point to attend some of our Empire State Winter Games competitions. The Games are now in their 36th year. With 27 different events, there's a winter sport sure to pique your interest over the... continue reading
So your kid plays hockey? Congratulations! condolences. Regardless of how you feel about hockey, it's no secret that it's a big commitment for the whole family. Between multiple practices during the week to multiple games on the weekend — plus the dreaded multi-day tournament — you may start to feel like you live at the rink. You're not alone! Here are my tips for surviving — and maybe even enjoying — hockey. Tip #1: Relax. Like the sign says, it's just youth hockey, so relax. Your kids don't play in the NHL. The coaches and refs are human. No amount of pressure will help your... continue reading
2015 Top 3 Blogs in Review We scoured our blogs for the most popular, most informative, and just downright funniest pieces from the past year. In case you missed them on the first go-round, here are our top 3 picks from the Lake Placid - High Peaks Region. Enjoy! 3. Locals know: 4 spots to discover The secret's out... The next time you get off exit 30 on the Northway and start the trip up scenic Route 73 toward the Lake Placid Region, keep your eyes peeled for these "secret" spots. Read on to find out which spots we love. 2. The case of the missing case People of a ‘certain age’ will... continue reading
We’ve been getting in the holiday spirit around the office over the last couple weeks. Furiously working on our cubicles for our holiday decorating contest, decorating the visitors center, and planning our holiday staff party. Between lights, trees, garlands, candy canes, wrapping paper, toy trains, snow flakes, a singing elf, a mini Yukon Cornelius, and assorted other decorations, our office feels like it’s the epitome of ‘winter wonderland’ status. That is, until you step out the front door. Lake Placid never ceases to go all out and impress for the holiday season. The real holiday... continue reading
Playing outside A week before Thanksgiving a friend mentioned that her daughter had a few days off from school before the holiday. Unfortunately, my friend had to work, and so would have to bring her daughter to the office. Thea, who is an extraordinarily mature and well-behaved 9-year-old, probably would have happily entertained herself for eight hours, but the thought of sitting still that long was enough to make me restless. Since I also had one of those days off, I volunteered to hang out with Thea for the day. My friend readily accepted and I immediately began planning a whole host of... continue reading
The Perfect Getaway Are you coming to Lake Placid for an indulgent girls' weekend, a shopping spree, an outdoor adventure, or just for fun and relaxation? No matter the reason - and I know there are many - Lake Placid residents are more than happy to help you discover our secrets. And, since it's the Season of Giving, consider this my gift to you: An Insider's Guide to some of our favorite spots, adventures, activities, and fun tips.  While this virtual cheat sheet highlights just a few of the countless adventures that could be yours, I'd like to think it's a good starting point. All you... continue reading
Ready to head off the beaten path? I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Brian and Karen Delaney, owners of High Peaks Mountain Adventures, to learn about backcountry skiing. Brian, a licensed guide, encourages interested skiers to give backcountry skiing a try, but not without valuable information and equipment that will keep them safe. Brian says the best thing about backcountry skiing is that no matter where you are in the Adirondacks, trail access is always within a few minutes away. The Delaneys have been skiing the Adirondacks for decades, and they still find new areas to... continue reading
Or DO you know? 1.   Lake Placid is America’s First Winter Resort. Most folks remember Lake Placid hosted the 1980 Olympic Winter Games. Some know we hosted the 1932 Winter Olympic Games. But, Lake Placid's winter sports history began with Melvil Dewey, who kept his grand resort, the Lake Placid Club, open through the winter season of 1904-05. Thus began Lake Placid's heritage as America's First Winter Resort. Sure, most of Lake Placid’s visitors come here during the warm months, but today the area continues to beckon travelers to play in the snow - primarily... continue reading