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It was a warmer-than-normal winter, so I wasn't surprised to find myself on a hydrocycle last week. I've tried a lot of mountain sports like snowboarding, butt sliding, and rock and ice climbing. I've marched for miles through the woods with 30 pounds on my back, I've done 18-mile day hikes, and I've paddled numerous waterways. But I'd never pedaled across a lake before. I headed to Mirror Lake Boat Rentals which is easily found at 2403 Main Street and the corner of Mirror Lake Drive Street - look for a dock filled with a colorful variety of watersport equipment. A... continue reading
With more than 50 local partners, Lake Placid Gift Co. makes for a simple and unique shopping experience in Lake Placid. Offering a variety of locally sourced gift items, and pre-assembled or custom gift baskets, you’ll be sure to find a special gift for anyone on your list!  Here are some the featured local artists that fill the store with amazing artisans work! Christina Hollrock used open studio time at the LPCA, where she found antique doilies to create the intricate patterns on the dishes. These cute dishes are perfect for jewelry, soap, tea bags, or as a decorative piece! These... continue reading
Anyone who knows me knows that I am infatuated with weddings! I’m not engaged (even though I’ve been with my boyfriend for over three years…hint, hint), but I’ve been planning my own wedding in my head for as long as I can remember. In a world of 7 billion people, I believe that it is a true blessing to find someone you choose to share the rest of your life with. It wasn’t until I started my job as a wedding planning assistant at The Whiteface Club and Resort that I realized the intricacies involved in planning, and also what Lake Placid offers to those getting married. Unparalleled scenery,... continue reading
Lake Placid, adirondacks, usa — The spring “turnover” of Mirror Lake and concerns about water salinity levels was the topic of a special meeting of community and municipals leaders from the Village of Lake Placid and Town of North Elba on March 30 in Lake Placid. Testing and sampling of Mirror Lake over the winter have indicated a rising level of salinity due primarily to road salt used by road maintenance crews to melt snow and ice on the western side of the lake, along Main Street. The recreational epicenter of the popular year-round vacation community,... continue reading
I’m asked by visitors all of the time, and YES, those of us who are fortunate enough to live in the Adirondacks do realize that we live in paradise.  It’s a paradise that includes untouched wilderness, majestic mountains, pristine lakes, thousands of hiking trails, paddling opportunities galore, fine dining, robust arts and culture, craft breweries, community supported agriculture, and sites of world-altering historic significance like Fort Ticonderoga, John Brown’s home, and an ice rink where a miracle happened.   For the lucky residents of the Adirondacks, though, it’s likely that if you... continue reading
Suddenly, with the arrival of daylight savings time, the longer days seem even longer. And of course, the longer days mean one thing to me — maple syrup!   It's all about maple! The sap is running and the local maple producers' evaporators are boiling as they produce the maple syrup that will be contested in our third annual Tastes of Maple event. In conjunction with New York State Maple Weekends, we'll celebrate Adirondack Maple Weekend on April 2 and 3. The third annual Tastes of Maple is one of the highlights. Held in the Conference Center at Lake Placid from 2 to 4 p.m. on Saturday,... continue reading
I'm usually covered in mud when I visit the ADK Cafe, but the mountains on the restaurant's walls assure me that's OK. I remember when I discovered the cozy Keene cafe almost four years ago. It was August, Anna and I were newly married, and we had just finished a grueling hike up Giant Mountain and Rocky Peak Ridge. When good days turn bad We had followed the steep and exposed ridge trail up the 4,627-foot Giant under blue skies, then taken the right turn that's one-tenth of a mile from the summit to head toward Rocky. The trail descends the side... continue reading
The deafening crack happened as soon as I turned my back on Rainbow Falls. It was sharp, like a rifle blast, and followed by a slushy sliding sound that could only mean one thing. Something big was falling. Without hesitation I scurried down the trail and ducked behind a pair of boulders, where I felt safe from whatever was headed my way. As I peeked out from my impromptu stronghold, I was surprised that I couldn't find any evidence of ice dislodging from the mostly frozen waterfall. Everything looked intact and the gorge was quiet again, save for the interminable sound of flowing water. It... continue reading
Leap year is one of those occasions that largely goes unnoticed until it's suddenly the 29th of February and you realize you have that extra day! In the interest of utilizing that extra whole day in 2016 I decided to invent my own perfect leap day in Lake Placid and focus on just ME.  After careful consideration about what I wanted to do, I decided on a little bit of pampering, some coffee and awesome pastry (no, calories don't count on leap day), and then I'd play it by ear.  I slept late (something I almost never do), and started my day out by heading to Starbucks for a splurge of coffee... continue reading
With new venues and ancillary construction for Olympic Games across the globe, there are many communities who live with empty buildings and unused Olympic sports facilities after the close of their Olympic events. Not here. In this world of throw-away everything these days, it's nice to know we have some awesomely repurposed facilities in Lake Placid.  One of them has a very unusual after-use. Olympics in perspective In the years leading up to our last Olympic Games the organizers were committed to creating "an Olympics in perspective," focusing on the athletes and not the grandiose... continue reading