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The High PeaksWhat’s the perfect choice for a first winter climb?The High Peaks in winter can be very intimidating to climbers who have limited or no winter experience, but if you make the correct choices it shouldn’t be overwhelming. Yes, I would agree many of the High Peaks in winter are a grand undertaking and should not be a first winter peak. Many of the High Peaks require 10-12 hours of time in the woods and well over 12-miles during that day. continue reading
Cold Weather Injury ProtectionTraveling in cold weather conditions can be life threatening!The information I am including here is for educational purposes and should never be considered a substitute for proper training or even experience in the field. I am not a doctor or a professor or any sort of professional in cold related injury or prevention. I am an avid outdoorsman who, through experience and study has learned about the values or protecting yourself this time of year. continue reading
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We have a history of winter eventsIf you look back in the history books you'll notice that mid-winter in Lake Placid has historically been filled with winter events. This year is no exception.  You won't be able to claim you can't find anything to do here if you don't ski, as you likely will in other ski resorts around the world.  In addition to the many non-ski activities, our events calendar is quite full! continue reading
One Of Cross Country's Finest TrailsThe “Avalanche Pass” trail ski simply should not be missed if the conditions are right during your visit to the Lake Placid Area. It is absolutely one of the finest ski experiences an intermediate level trail skier, or better can have in the High Peaks. I have called Lake Placid my home for over 10 years, and each year I make this trail ski several times. I especially enjoy it early in the spring right after daylight savings time adds an hour of daylight and the afternoon feels endless.  continue reading
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