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Lucky you! You’re in Lake Placid, the sun is shining, and the entire day lies ahead. The problem is, there’s a lot to do and never enough time to do it all. Don't worry! Six locals are here to offer up their versions of a perfect Lake Placid day. Get some ideas, then have fun inventing your own perfect day! The lone wolf Twists, dips, and turns through ever-changing scenery. That’s a ride through the Adirondacks. Glenn’s perfect day begins and ends on his motorcycle. He starts by riding through downtown Lake Placid, then he’s off to Wilmington — a... continue reading
Guest blogger: Ryan Damp Whether you live in Lake Placid year-round or are here for a brief vacation, this alpine village has a seemingly endless assortment of activities to offer. Amid all the noise and excitement surrounding activities such as bobsledding, scenic plane rides, mountain biking, rock climbing, and extreme summer tubing (just to name a few), there is one activity that is often overlooked: walking. While it may not provide the same adrenaline rush as many of the other activities in the area, taking a walk around the village is an unmatched way to experience the beauty of Lake... continue reading
Taking one for the team. Literally. So, I work with some awesomely athletic people. Really. They are always out adventuring through the backwoods, climbing the Adirondack High Peaks, paddling on Mirror Lake or waterskiing on Lake Placid, entering extreme competitions... you get the idea. I love scrolling through their posts and virtually cheering them on as I enjoy my third pot of coffee and try to invoke the energy to face my own extreme challenge: wrangling a super-active almost-7-year-old boy. Imagine my surprise one late-Friday afternoon when I was... continue reading
Local mom tackles 3 trails to train for a 5k — check out the routes & the results. Heck, you can even drag the kid and/or dog along (or not!) Tis the season. Or so I've been told... Time to get off my bum and get moving. For months now I've managed to do the bare minimum in exercise. Enough to keep my kid entertained and most of the dreaded winter weight at bay (notice I said, most) but not enough to ready me for the impending 5k I am signed up for — or the 10k I one day aspire to complete. To be completely transparent, for years now I have alternately used my son as an accessory or... continue reading
The snow is here and just in time for me to talk about snowshoes. I know there are many people out there who have never snowshoed before and may be visiting the area and wanting to give it a try. This can be a daunting task for someone not attuned to the market. You walk into a gear shop, step up to a wall of snowshoes that measures 20 feet wide and 10 feet high, praying to God that it doesn’t avalanche on you. I’ve been there and the overwhelmed look on my face must have screamed out, because it wasn’t long before an associate pounced on me.I had a million questions. “Why is that one a... continue reading
I want to start out by saying that proper equipment is very important in enjoying a winter outdoor sport, but, proper layering and dress is vital. This blog titled “Proper Layering” will be broken down into many parts; materials, head protection, foot protection, hand protection and core protection. This break down was created to show the importance of each bodily region respectively. Cotton…should be left at home; it has no place in the back-country during the colder months.  During the warmer months where the temperatures don’t drop below 60, maybe, and that is a very huge MAYBE!! Sure... continue reading
John Brown’s Farm in the Town of North Elba is the home and grave of abolitionist John Brown. John Brown died in the pursuit of freedom for slaves and after an assault on Harpers Ferry to obtain arms in 1859, he was hung in Virginia. His body was then transported back to his home here in North Elba along with several of his comrades who aided him in the Harpers Ferry raid.Today John Brown’s Farm is open to the public and part of New York States office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation. This landmark is a staple of the area and a significant importance in the era of slavery. This... continue reading
Working in a retail shop that deals in outdoor gear for trail running, I field a ton of questions on what exactly should a trail runner have and where should they go, and most people know that I love to tell people where to go, so we thought we might start doing that a bit here on So, be sure to check out our trail running page in the “DO” section and then the OUTDOORS” section and then the “SUMMER/FALL” section. This should be up and going this week with an introduction and gear suggestions and then destinations will start to be introduced weekly.The destinations will... continue reading

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