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Two years ago I had what I believed was the bright idea that Lake Placid needed an historic walking tour map. Little did I know that I would be the designer or that it would be so well received! At the time I was a trustee on the Lake Placid North Elba Historical Society board of directors. I have since left the board due to time limitations, but I wanted to see the project through to completion so I stayed on task until publication in May of this year.  It’s been an incredibly rewarding and enlightening project. continue reading
Hold onto your hats folks! July is about to explode with events in Lake Placid, as it does every year. This year's events lineup will not disappoint, once again. continue reading
As the weather becomes more and more summer-like in Lake Placid, the shift of focus moves outdoors for events and all kinds of activities. Cultural events are still on the calendars at indoor venues as well. continue reading
From arts to action sports, Spring is filled with events to keep everyone happy this year. continue reading
We have a history of winter eventsIf you look back in the history books you'll notice that mid-winter in Lake Placid has historically been filled with winter events. This year is no exception.  You won't be able to claim you can't find anything to do here if you don't ski, as you likely will in other ski resorts around the world.  In addition to the many non-ski activities, our events calendar is quite full! continue reading
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