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It’s October, so Oktoberfest and beer is on everyone’s mind, but I recently visited a distillery in Keene and uncovered a real Adirondack Mountain gem that involves a whole different kind of spirits! Keith Van Sise incorporated Gristmill Distillers in July 2013, and he and his partner, Steph Hadik, use locally-sourced ingredients to produce tasty spirits for what is quickly becoming a 100-proof business. Where It Started In 2007, New York State passed the Farm Distillery Act, which made distilling accessible to smaller businesses, and several years ago Keith pursued a license to operate a... continue reading
The Lake Placid High Peaks Region foliage is at peak this week and expected to remain so through the upcoming Columbus Day and Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. Get outside and bring your cameras to capture the beauty of this short-lived annual spectacle. After this week we should still have good color for another week or more. However, this prediction is totally dependent on weather conditions. If we get heavy rain and/or wind, the leaves will not last long if they're at peak already. Make a trip now!! Find local lodging and stay a night or two. Columbus Day and Canadian Thanksgiving weekend is... continue reading
It’s finally fall, and what a perfect time of year to tie the knot! I’ve been obsessed with weddings for quite some time now. I’ve watched every wedding chick flick that you can think of. After watching The Wedding Planner, who doesn’t want to be J.Lo living in the city, planning everyone's dream day? I even went to college in hopes of becoming a wedding planner and did an internship at a local resort as the assistant to the wedding planner there. So, with 7 billion people in this world, I think there’s something to be said about finding one other person you’re willing to share your entire... continue reading
Don't miss all our local shops With the foliage season winding down and more indoor activities calling, I went out in search of some 'different kinds of fun' around town. Lake Placid has a few pretty unique shopping offerings if you're looking to do something different!  I was looking for something new to do on a rainy day last week. Just Bead It on Main Street drew me in. Stacy DeClerque, the owner, greeted me and showed me around. Stacy has traveled the world far and wide to find some of the most unique beads and findings for her shop. Not only does she sell beads, but accessories and... continue reading
Our fall foliage is about half way there at this point on September 29th. The colors should be reaching near peak by the end of this coming weekend. Don't miss it - jump in the car and invent your perfect fall day in Lake Placid! Spend a few days in our region at this most spectacular time of year.
Scenic Flight: This family's first! I recently had an amazing opportunity to take Oliver on his first flight. And, not only was it his first flight, it was a scenic flight on a gorgeous early-fall Adirondack day. Two awesome things about this: First, within minutes of walking into the Adirondack Flying Service office (located next to the Horse Show Grounds) we were in the air - no packing, no lines, no time for Oliver to get nervous - or conversely, explode from the anticipation. Second, if for any reason he absolutely freaked out, it would only be for 20 minutes. :) I needn't have... continue reading
Underrated Activities When we think of the Adirondacks we often think of all the awesome outdoor activities. So, this week, we decided to focus on the more lesser-known or underrated activities that are available.  Living in the Lake Placid Region I feel like I'm pretty well-rounded: I make my way outside to enjoy nature at minimum a few days a week; I can shop on Main Street or grab dinner at one of our many restaurants whenever the mood strikes; I take in as many of the free music and cultural events as my schedule allows. I am always on the go.  And that, my friends, is exactly what... continue reading
If you like beer like I do, you’re going to love October in the Adirondacks! Between Oktoberfest, Oktupperfest and the annual Lake Placid Brewfest, it’s a beer-lover’s paradise! Living in Denver for the past couple of years, I got very used to the microbrewery scene. Everywhere you turned, both in the city and in the suburbs, there was another craft brewery opening, and personally I like these beers so much better than the typical light beer that is mass produced and available everywhere. Here in the Adirondacks, I was happy to find that my new home has more than just a couple of breweries... continue reading
High Peak #47 MacNaughton: you know, the 47th peak, the one that has been acclaimed as being a 4000-foot peak, the mountain that is on everyone’s list during or after they finish the 46 High Peaks…yeah, that one. It’s hard to believe that, on a mountain that has become as popular as this particular one has, no trail or even solid, continual herd path has been developed. I was looking forward to being there (for the sixth time) traveling the slopes, but this was actually my first time being there in summer and only my second time up this side of the mountain. I have explored in all other... continue reading
Fall in the High Peaks Region is rich with events celebrating the season of flaming leaves and the fall harvest season. Plan ahead for your overnight accommodations as rooms fill up early for some of these very popular events! Car buff alert! 2015 will mark the 33rd year of the annual Olympic Car Show and Parade on September 5th and 6th. Taking place over Labor Day Weekend, Saturday’s events will include a cruise night around Main Street and Mirror Lake beginning at 6 pm. Be on the lookout! Nearly 100 cars typically participate in the show each year. On Sunday, the classic car parade begins... continue reading