The perfect day snow day! Ready to tackle our downhill ski & snowboard runs? Perhaps your perfect trip includes backcountry and groomed cross-country and snowshoe trails? Maybe a dogsled ride and full day of winter family fun is on the docket? After a day of outdoor play hit the town! After all that action you've probably worked up quite the appetite. No worries we have over 50 dining options for you to choose from, before you head back to one of our 40+ cozy lodging properties to rest your weary head for the night. The Adirondacks' Lake Placid is the perfect choice for winter fun... continue reading
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9.  Winter never gets us down! Year round you'll find folks topping our peaks, exploring our trails, and getting close to nature. Of course, outdoor adventuring in our winter weather offers unique challenges -  luckily our experienced local Adirondack guides can help suit you up, offer advice, and even show you the way. 8. Go for the gold - or silver - or...  Skating, skiing, hockey, bobsled, and more — Lake Placid's rich Olympic heritage is alive and well. No matter the season, you can tour our Olympic sites where you'll often find... continue reading
Why do we love Lake Placid? The Adirondacks' Lake Placid is the perfect choice whether you're planning a family vacation, romantic getaway, or visit with friends.  Aside from the myriad outdoor activities, there are mom and pop shops to browse, Olympic venues to tour, high-end spas to indulge in, live music and family festivals to partake in, unique restaurants where you can get a true taste of the Adirondacks, and cozy lodging to rest your weary head. The only real question is: how will you invent your own perfect day?   We suggest you start here! This week in related ADK happenings:... continue reading
Lake Placid, adirondacks, usa — The spring “turnover” of Mirror Lake and concerns about water salinity levels was the topic of a special meeting of community and municipals leaders from the Village of Lake Placid and Town of North Elba on March 30 in Lake Placid. Testing and sampling of Mirror Lake over the winter have indicated a rising level of salinity due primarily to road salt used by road maintenance crews to melt snow and ice on the western side of the lake, along Main Street. The recreational epicenter of the popular year-round vacation community,... continue reading
As a newcomer to the Adirondacks, I'm getting ready to spend my first snow season in the mountains. I was anxious to learn what I would need to help me become a veteran of winter sports, where to begin? Having limited skiing experience in the past, I know I will need equipment…but what? How much should I spend? Where do I go if I break something? What do I need besides skis or a snowboard? Luckily, we have tons of experts right in the area to help. Whether you’re a beginner – like me – or a seasoned pro, these six shops offer the equipment, knowledge and service you’ll need to help you get... continue reading
Why Climb the High Peaks in Winter? “The rewards are many and varied for the man, in good physical condition, with the patience and good sense to plan his Adirondack mountaineering trips, ahead of time, with necessary detail.  His equipment sound, and clothing and food adequate, he may swing along the trail which on one day may sparkle with frost crystals over the powder snow; and on the next may be a sea of slush.  Prepared is he for the terrible nose dive of the thermometer at a moment’s notice, and yes, willing, even after climbing three thousand feet with a pack, to turn back, not... continue reading
Are you a trip leader? Trip planning techniques for all seasons. Are you leading a trip up an Adirondack mountain, to a pond, along the river, or someplace else that’s really cool? Well, there are some things to consider before you head out. While I am sure that you want everyone to have a good time there are safety concerns that you should look at first; then you can look into being the tour guide that introduces others to the history of the area or boiling up some hot water for pine tea. Sit back and ask yourself these questions and keep them in mind if the trip is an open invite, which... continue reading
We have been getting dumped on this winter with light fluffy powder, but that hasn’t stopped us from taking on more difficult hikes. Breaking trail can be very tiring, but we got an early start, brought plenty of food and water, and worked our way up to the really challenging adventures. Esther via White Brook was going to be one of those challenges that we had to get ready for. Feeling good, feeling rested, and feeling inspired we scoped out a potential route on our topo map and made the early morning drive over to Wilmington to do it. We had been eyeballing White Brook and Esther for quite... continue reading
I’m all about hiking the High Peaks in any season. I usually only want to hike High Peaks rather than any other mountains, there’s just something about conquering a 4,000 foot peak with my own two feet that sucks me in. However, this year on Martin Luther King weekend, I realized that I can still have a great time on non-High Peaks, if only I head out with an open mind and open eyes. Planning and Packing When my hiking group first planned our trip, we were aiming for Phelps Mountain, which is the 32nd tallest High Peak in the Adirondacks. We’ve only done two High Peaks in the winter -... continue reading
Did you know that the fire tower challenge also has a winter category? Between December 21 and March 21 you can work on your winter fire tower climbs and earn a really cool winter rocker. “Climb 18 of the 23 Adirondack Mountains with fire towers and all five in the Catskills between December 21 and March 21 and you can earn a rocker for your Fire Tower Challenge patch. Please note that like the regular Fire Tower Challenge, it is not necessary to climb the actual towers,” Hurricane In Winter The thing is, I have been to many of the firetowers in the winter but my wife... continue reading


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