Everyone has a picture in their head of that delightful "cabin in the woods." This is a wonderful choice for a classic Adirondack experience, whether you are thinking of a couple's getaway that is all about the skiing and snuggling, or seeking a family adventure, with snowshoeing and s'mores around a firepit. Considering a cabin also contains more options than you might think. Just as everyone has their own favorite candy choice when presented with a chocolate sampler, our range of possible cabins offers a lot of variety. Here are a few to consider. Your own forest Head to Van Hoevenberg... continue reading
Treat yourself to the perfect day! Ready to explore our shops, relax in our spas, and enjoy a real taste of the mountains? The Adirondacks' Lake Placid is the perfect choice whether you're planning a family vacation, romantic getaway, or visit with friends.  Start by browsing our mom and pop shops, then head to the Olympic venues for a tour, next renew your energy at one of our high-end spas before hitting the town to take in an art show and a little live music! Of course, after all that action you've probably worked up quite the appetite. No worries - did you see the infographic above?... continue reading
Are there bed and breakfasts here? Absolutely. The resort hotels in Lake Placid are so well-known and celebrated that our adorable B&Bs can be overlooked. But they shouldn't be. We have the historic old structures that make the best bed and breakfasts, along with the artisan crafters and artistic decorators which bring them to a peak of comfort and style. And don't forget about our dedicated hospitality tradition, which has always been an important part of the Adirondacks. Here are four delightful choices, all with their own special charms. Old-fashioned pampering Snow Goose Bed... continue reading
Separation anxiety is real. And I am not referring to my dog’s angst, but of my own about leaving her behind. It’s that feeling of guilt as you look into those sad, liquid dark eyes. And if I pack my hiking shoes in front of her, and she starts wagging her tail, my guilt is unbearable. I want to save you from all of that, so I am happy to report that Lake Placid, our beautiful, water-side village ringed by Adirondack mountains, is not just dog tolerant, but downright canine hospitable. It is common to see dogs in hotel lobbies, on outdoor restaurant decks, frolicking on hiking trails, and... continue reading
'Tis the season It’s been getting fairly cold lately, but that’s okay with me — because it’s a sign that the holidays are just around the corner. This will be my first holiday season spent in Lake Placid, filled with family, friends, and a bunch of holiday adventures. I’m really looking forward to it! I’ve been researching all the options of things to do — and there’s a lot to choose from. My out-of-town family members have already checked out the rental houses in town, and are planning to join me for a week of fun right at the beginning of December. So far my list of must-do activities... continue reading
Shoka’s day out was a huge hit in Lake Placid. This little husky stole the spotlight wherever she went. She is a 4-and-a-half-month old with an abundance of energy who recently traveled to experience Lake Placid and all it has to offer the four-legged world. To her owners' delight, Shoka encountered more adventure than expected due to the dog-friendly atmosphere of the region.  First Stop: Lake Placid  Shoka packed the essentials and was ready for anything. She may have even had a few extra bones packed because, after all, it is a vacation. She hit the road with her humans and embarked on... continue reading
Underrated Activities When we think of the Adirondacks we often think of all the awesome outdoor activities. So, this week, we decided to focus on the more lesser-known or underrated activities that are available.  Living in the Lake Placid Region I feel like I'm pretty well-rounded: I make my way outside to enjoy nature at minimum a few days a week; I can shop on Main Street or grab dinner at one of our many restaurants whenever the mood strikes; I take in as many of the free music and cultural events as my schedule allows. I am always on the go.  And that, my friends, is exactly what... continue reading
4 UPgrades at Whiteface for all 3 DOWNhill Skill LevelsWhiteface Mountain is giving the gift of snow this holiday season in the form of 35 new energy efficient snow guns, and more ski terrain with the addition of a new brand new expert glade trail, “Rand’s Last Stand.” Whether you’re a novice, intermediate, expert or park-goer, there is something new for each ability level and trail level.35 new efficient low energy snow gunsThese new snow guns are distributed among Green Circle, Blue Square and Black Diamond trails.  Beginners will love learning on the pristine snow of Easy Street. ... continue reading
Relax, You're in Lake Placid NYAwaken Your SensesTaking a mindful approach to exploring Lake Placid and the High Peaks Region means getting out of our fast pace habits - there is so much to see and do in our area visitors can sometimes feel overwhelmed.  Finding balance is an easy thing to do while visiting Lake Placid, and to each of us the definition of balance is different. Your peace may include a quiet cabin on the lake, majestic mountains in the background and glass of wine by the fire. It may also mean speeding down the Olympic track in a bobsled, or skiing The Slides at Whiteface. The... continue reading
The Adirondack’s busiest weekend of the year is almost upon us. Both Columbus Day and Canadian Thanksgiving always occur on the same weekend in October - this year October 11 - 14. It’s kind of like the “last hurrah” of the busy summer/fall season with visitors getting in their last long weekend before the November and December holidays. Visitors will swarm the region this coming weekend and we are ready and waiting for them!  In addition to the multitude of activities available to visitors, there will be a full schedule of entertaining events as well. From live music at area establishments... continue reading


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