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Did You Know? As I was putting this new "Did You Know?" blog together, I didn't think there was much I would learn about Lake Placid - I mean, I've lived here for two decades! I know the important facts: there's great places to eat, fun places to shop, outstanding family-fun to be had. The Adirondacks are literally at your doorstep, and I can take a quick hike at lunchtime or a bike ride after work. What more could I possibly find out about a place that I enjoy living in every day? Nothing.  I Didn't Know... Boy, was I wrong... our town is full of history and the stories just kept... continue reading
Birding in Placid! Summer in the Lake Placid Region is a wonderful time of year. And birding at the Intervale Lowlands Preserve in Lake Placid is one of the best ways to enjoy it. With long days and lots of singing birds, it is easy to tally up a great list of warblers and other species. Even better for me is that doing so is part of my job. As one of the many hats I wear, I conduct a variety of field research and I am fortunate enough to conduct some of it at Intervale. As a result I’ve been there looking for birds a few times of late. Each time I go to Intervale is a bit different than... continue reading
By: Kevin Oldroyd  The Adirondack Region of Northern NY has earned high praise from hikers due to its incredible scenery and unique wildlife. There are 46 peaks that make up the Adirondack High Peaks, and most of them are located around beautiful Lake Placid. Before hiking, it is important to make sure you have packed the necessary items. Here are six essential items to bring on a hike through the Adirondacks. Hiking Shoes Perhaps the most important, but often overlooked, item to bring on a long hike is a pair of good hiking shoes. The temptation to buy the $15 bargain shoes exists in all... continue reading
By Megan Eileen McDonough A trip to Lake Placid is not complete without a hike or two, and we say this because choosing just one is tough. Still, what goes up must come down and eventually you’ll have worked up a satiable appetite. Besides, after all that hard work, you deserve a feast! Whether craving greasy pub food or in the mood for something more refined, these five Lake Placid restaurants will hit the spot. The Cottage 77 Mirror Lake Dr. The Cottage may sound like a low-key joint, but it's actually one of Lake Placid's most popular hangouts. No matter when you visit, whether it’s in... continue reading
By: Kevin Oldroyd It’s no secret that Lake Placid boasts some of the best natural scenery in the Adirondack region of upstate New York. Incredible views, numerous nature trails, mountain passes and a few historic sites make this area a must-visit. One of the key elements in Lake Placid’s mystique is the opportunity to see a number of incredible rivers and waterfalls. Here are three amazing hikes around Lake Placid. High Falls Gorge High Falls Gorge is a 22-acre, privately owned nature park that boasts the title of “the Adirondacks’ most breathtaking walk.” Many people say summer is the... continue reading
By Megan Eileen McDonough When it comes to outdoor adventure, Lake Placid packs a serious punch. Home to some of New York’s tallest mountains, the Adirondacks, Lake Placid is a dream destination for nature lovers and photographers alike. From tranquil Mirror Lake to jaw-dropping Mount Marcy, here are five of Lake Placid’s best year-round viewpoints.  Mirror Lake Not quite sure if you're hiking material? Start off with something easy. Mirror Lake is the perfect place to try out your walking shoes. A relatively flat walk, you'll find visitors of all ages and abilities enjoying the views and... continue reading
There is nothing more breathtaking than a mountain sunrise If you have ever read any of my other blogs, you probably know by now that hiking mountains for the sunrise, or watching the sunrise in general, is one of my favorite activities. I absolutely love the way the fog and clouds roll over and around the mountains as the morning light hits them and refracts gold, orange, red and whatever other colors nature has to offer. It’s always a miraculous scene to witness. I hope that I’m successful now in putting this most recent sunrise adventure of mine into words and I hope it inspires you to... continue reading
Drawing you inside... The friendly folks at the Lake Placid Visitors Bureau are waiting to help you plan your inspirational tour of the Adirondacks. What inspires you... waterfalls, wildflowers, wildlife? We can help you find your muse.  Visit us on your way into town, and before you leave to enjoy all the shopping and dining we have to offer, take a tour of the original Olympic Center and the new Conference Center. From murals and drawings, to sculptures and photographs, our spaces feature original pieces by award-winning artists. We think you'll agree our buildings are truly a work of... continue reading
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