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Skinny skis rule! Grab your skinny skis and your outdoor gear and be prepared to have a lot of fun and learn some new things at this year’s inaugural Lake Placid Nordic Festival. From races, clinics, and workshops to intro to biathlon and nighttime ski tours, there’s something going on all day and into the evenings for three full days: February 27 through March 1, 2015. Even if you’ve never tried nordic skiing, this is the perfect time to get out there and learn traditional or skate skiing, ski-joring with your dog or attend a biathlon clinic. And there’s much, much more, so check out the... continue reading
When The Ice Hits, Mirror Lake Is Open For Business! When it comes to old Adirondack Traditions, Lake Placid has many. One of the local favorites, and something that is pretty darn unique, is our Toboggan Chute on Mirror Lake. This converted 30' Ski Jump Trestle is situated to send toboggans down the ice covered chutes and out across the frozen surface. Depending on weather conditions - and your skill as a master tobogganer - sleds can travel over 1,000 feet once they reach the frozen lake surface. It's mid-January, and The Chute is now open for business. Join us for a memorable experience... continue reading
Ahhhhh, the memories of adventure, the thoughts of bitter cold, and a chill of blistering gale force winds... that’s what I think of when remember last year’s climb of the Lake Placid Slide on Whiteface Mountain. This slide, while not an easy approach at all, is becoming a much more sought after line for the summit. Winter is no different for those dedicated souls wishing to get out on a mountaineering adventure. This is a trip for any outdoor journal and a must do for any fully prepared and experienced winter mountaineering enthusiasts.  Planning our trip Starting from Route 86 at the... continue reading
Of all the things to do in Lake Placid, one of the most noteworthy would have to be the bobsled ride. There are only two tracks like this in the US, and only four in North America, all of which have the special distinction of being a past Olympic host and winter Olympic village. That said, I realize how very fortunate it is to have this small town in the Northeast that has a venue like this where Olympians and World Cup athletes have a place to train and compete and a complex that offers this very unique opportunity to guests and visitors. And, all in a beautiful alpine setting in the heart... continue reading
Did you know that the fire tower challenge also has a winter category? Between December 21 and March 21 you can work on your winter fire tower climbs and earn a really cool winter rocker. “Climb 18 of the 23 Adirondack Mountains with fire towers and all five in the Catskills between December 21 and March 21 and you can earn a rocker for your Fire Tower Challenge patch. Please note that like the regular Fire Tower Challenge, it is not necessary to climb the actual towers,” Hurricane In Winter The thing is, I have been to many of the firetowers in the winter but my wife... continue reading
While all the 46 High Peaks should be experienced by everyone, there is one in particular that is a must for winter climbers, and that is Seymour. The Seward Mountains reside in the Western High Peaks Region and cover a massive expanse of tall, steep, rugged, and secluded mountains. Consisting of Seward, Donaldson, Emmons, and Seymour these mountains also boast some pretty dramatic views while hiking along the well-developed herd paths. Seymour stands slightly less than 4100’ in elevation. However, unlike the other three, Seymour stands alone in its solitude. While many have made the direct... continue reading
I’ve almost always been a fan of two-wheeled contraptions. I remember the very day that it started. I’m not sure how old I was when my father pushed me along for the first time on my training wheel-less bicycle — maybe 5 — but I am sure that once I realized that he had let go at some point, unbeknownst to me, I was hooked. I was RIDING.  Ah, the fun of being a kid, and the freedom that your bicycle provided… As youngsters, my sister and I would get on our small two-wheelers, and our imaginations would take us on long adventures through foreign lands and motocross races and secret trails. Of... continue reading
I have always had the fascination with bushwhacking to some obscure peak in the middle of the wilderness to see what’s up there. I have also embraced the idea of climbing all the 46er peaks via a new route, or a bushwhack route. Over the course of several years I managed to finish them off with a trek up Skylight; I was the second person to complete the feat – one behind John Winkler. So anyhow, here is a flashback of a late fall bushwhack up Tabletop Mountain with my close friend and hiking partner, Nancy.   It was a day in early November, 2008 when I contacted my friend Nancy via an email... continue reading
If you're a winter outdoor recreationist you're in for a great January in Lake Placid! We've got some awesome events spread out through the month, all but one taking place outdoors.  Extreme outdoor films will blow you away The one event exception that's not taking place in an outdoor venue is the Banff Mountain Film Festival, which is ABOUT the great outdoors, but obviously takes place in a theater. The Lake Placid Center for the Arts plays host to the annual festival celebrating the extremists of outdoor sports around the world. After viewing the clips on the BMFF website, I for one won't... continue reading
2014 caught on film... Lake Placid, NY in the heart of the Adirondacks is the perfect place to invent your own perfect day. Of course, that perfect day is different for everyone - luckily our options are outstanding and the setting is spectacular. Join us as we take a look back through some of our most memorable 2014 events and activities as caught on camera. What would make up your perfect day? Hiking or biking in the High Peaks? Relaxing at one of our high-end spas or resorts? Taking a family boat ride or building a sandcastle with the kids? Oh, the choices... 2015 is just waiting for you... continue reading