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OK, there is snow visible on the Adirondack mountaintops, and we’ve experienced our first accumulation of snow on the ground in Lake Placid. What does this mean? It means I’m a little late in switching to my winter tires.  More importantly, it means’s TIME. Time to get in shape for ski season. continue reading
So, we know that Lake Placid is a great family destination, but I haven’t really tested that out since I don’t have any kids.  In fact, my only child is an over-photographed doberman mix.It’s not that I don’t LIKE children. After all, some of my best friends were once kids. continue reading
It's tough to stay inside when we are the recipients of a string of perfect days like this - it's been sunny and in the 70's during the day and cool at night for well over a week in the Adirondacks! continue reading
So, I accidentally invented a perfect day yesterday.  Here's how:Some wish we'd just skip spring and go straight to summer. Not me. As the temperatures rise throughout spring in the Adirondacks, I find the higher temps, longer days, and sun have an almost dangerously energizing effect on me; dousing my cabin fever and sending me outdoors to do more than my lazy winter fitness levels should allow. continue reading
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