To many, fall means football season, pumpkin spice season, back to school season, scarf and sweater season, a new season of your favorite sitcom, or some years, crazy political pundit sparring season.  Those things are all fine (except the pumpkin spice - I’m completely over that). But to me, the arrival of fall also means it’s time for golf in Lake Placid. If you’ve played golf in Lake Placid at any time of year, you’re already hooked and probably don’t need to hear any more from me on the subject. However, for those that need more intel, I’ve drafted the...  Top 5 reasons to PUTT Lake... continue reading
Inside story Ever wondered what folks who live and work in Lake Placid do for their lunch break during the summer? Well, speaking for just a small sample of those who work in my office, the answer varies, but here are some top options: a mountain bike ride at one of the local trail systems a walk around Mirror Lake, or “ATL” as we call it a quick swim at the Mirror Lake beach quiet contemplation in an Adirondack chair at an undisclosed location a visit to one of the nearby eateries on Main Street a round of golf Golf?! No, I am not allotted an extravagant 4-hour lunch break. That last... continue reading
Do you love sinking a putt in the quiet serenity of nature, or nailing a drive and watching it disappear into a backdrop of towering peaks? How about docking your boat, hopping on a shuttle bus, and getting a few rounds in before an evening of lakeside dining? Whether you want to be near the action or away from it, you'll find something to love on Essex County's golf courses. Just don't forget to take your eye off the ball once in a while — in the Adirondacks, eagle isn't just another way of saying "good game." North Essex County's northern golf ... continue reading
Be Fore Back in the olden days, I used to promote the many great golf courses in Lake Placid at a series of consumer golf shows during the winter. You know, those events where golf aficionados, itching to get out on the course during a long winter, walk down aisle after aisle in a big convention hall looking at the newest golf gear, doodads that are supposed to make your swing better, and of course, destination representatives all hoping that their location is where you and your buddies will plan your next golf getaway.  Being the Lake Placid rep was tons of fun - almost... continue reading
When you think of the Adirondacks, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Hiking? Mosquitos? Lake Placid? 6.1 Million Acres of Fun? For me, it’s none of these - not the first thing anyway. I think of Newcomb when my mind wanders off to the good ol’ Adirondacks. This town is very close to my heart. My family has owned a camp there for over ten years and before that we parked our pop-up camper at Lake Harris Campground, always hoping to snag “The Point,” the best campsite around, but we never seemed to get it. There’s always something to do in the Town of Newcomb and the people... continue reading
Lingo  There’s a certain amount of jargon associated with any sport or endeavor, and golf is certainly no exception.   In addition to common slang terms, one always hears about a golf course’s “signature hole,” and I’ve always wondered what the distinction is…who decides? What is the criteria? Does someone actually place an autograph somewhere? I decided to take my investigation to the links. More accurately, I took my investigation to the mountain.     The Lake Placid Club The Lake Placid Club is just a chip and a putt from my office in Lake Placid (or a sliced drive in my case), so... continue reading
Gearing up for Golf in the AdirondacksThe sun is out, the snow is melting and in most places the snow has long since retreated. As the season continues to shift towards green, I hear a slight rustle in my closet… feeling forgotten and stacked my golf shoes have been waiting patiently for me to rescue them from the darkness. They long to feel at home once again on the tee box, lost in a gaze over stretching mountain horizons. I allow myself a deep breath, in and out, then pace myself as I exhale swinging all the way through, connecting, pushing straight to the green. Together my shoes and I... continue reading
It's tough to stay inside when we are the recipients of a string of perfect days like this - it's been sunny and in the 70's during the day and cool at night for well over a week in the Adirondacks!So far during this beautiful spring I've dusted off my road bike, started up the BBQ grill and gone on some trail runs. And this weekend, I contemplated doing yard work. But the appearance of the bright spring greens coerced me into playing my first round of golf for the season instead. I mean, who doesn't like to hang out on a giant manicured lawn on a gorgeous sunny day?I loaded my clubs and my... continue reading
The Adirondacks, particularly the high peaks region, are known to have historic golf courses with stunning scenery. Golf was introduced to the U.S. in the late 1800's and it was also at that time that many grand hotels and private camps were being built in Adirondacks as the vacation spot of the elite. These grand hotels were luxurious and rustic, and the outdoor activities they offered were part of the draw. Tennis, hiking, boating, camping, horseback riding, fishing, and golf were touted as the optimal summer recreation. By the turn of the century, many of the golf courses in the United... continue reading
It's fitting that I spent one of the last days of this spectacular Adirondack summer on the beach.Unfortunately, it was the kind of beach one tries to avoid.I'm speaking about the "beaches" on the golf course; the sand traps. And the other day, I spent much of a gorgeous, sunny day sampling every single hazard that the Westport Country Club golf course offers.Depending on the course, there can be a variety of hazards such as water and sand to defend the hole from your ball. Experts aim their shots and avoid them. I'm far from an expert, but on this particular day it was notable how many of... continue reading


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