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A busy Lake Placid summer is in store for you this year. We have events all over the calendar, so be sure to check out our calendar and mark your not-to-miss list accordingly! June is one of the prettiest months in the Lake Placid region. A few June events to round out your experience when you visit are: The Lake Placid Film Forum from June 8 to 11 - featuring film screenings and related programs The Lake Placid Marathon and Half Marathon on June 11.  Lake Placid and I Love NY Horse Shows from June 27 to July 9 - one of the premier equestrian events in North America. Join the... continue reading
Hi there! My name is Nibbler. I'm psyched because today, I get to invent my own purrrrrrfect day in Lake Placid, one of my favorite places on earth!  1. The lake  I'm starting my day with a morning paddle, and there's plenty of places to do it in and around Lake Placid! There's nothing like getting on the lake to forget your troubles and find your zen. And while I'm at it, I'm going to catch a fish or two to munch on. 2. MTB Next I'll head to the trails to shred some singletrack. I'm just going to take a little break under here while this dude catches some air.  3. Vino What a fun... continue reading
While I know many folks and several coworkers that rave about extreme mountain biking, I have never been one of them. As a matter of fact, I have never actually been mountain biking. Honestly, I've been known to get nervous going off of a curb on my hybrid bike. I guess you could call me an extreme beginner. It's ridiculous, but I can trace it back to one simple event a few days after going from a kiddie bike to a grown-up 3-speed. I thought the tires were as big and sturdy as my little bike. They were not. I flipped over my handlebars going down a huge hill a bit faster than I should have... continue reading
Taking one for the team. Literally. So, I work with some awesomely athletic people. Really. They are always out adventuring through the backwoods, climbing the Adirondack High Peaks, paddling on Mirror Lake or waterskiing on Lake Placid, entering extreme competitions... you get the idea. I love scrolling through their posts and virtually cheering them on as I enjoy my third pot of coffee and try to invoke the energy to face my own extreme challenge: wrangling a super-active almost-7-year-old boy. Imagine my surprise one late-Friday afternoon when I was... continue reading
Submitted by guest blogger: Jim Moore - Event Director, Cycle Adirondacks It’s an unusual scene, but it has a great vibe. Some kind of giant camp is set up in a town park in Long Lake, a small community in the heart of the Adirondacks. A spread of dozens of brightly colored tents blankets the lawn on one side, some with people sitting out front in camp chairs chatting and enjoying views out across the lake. The smell of something outstanding for dinner wafts from a cooking tent set up by a catering outfit. Nearby, an eclectic crowd is gathered around a group of tables, drinking local brews... continue reading
I'm a newbie cyclist. No, really, two months ago I got on a cycle for the first time, and it was one of the scariest things ever. I come from a mountain biking background, with big beefy frames and massive amounts of rubber grinding the ground. The change to not just a road cycle, but to a full triathlon time trial bike is a serious shock to my riding style. So the perspective you're about to get is truly what it is like to ride the Lake Placid Ironman loop for the first time. I'm going to skip the actual transition turns if you were doing the race, and start right where you would... continue reading
Spend, spend, spend... not so much! It can be expensive to take a vacation. We know that; I know that. I'm, admittedly, thrifty - okay, call it cheap, whatever. Here's the thing... you save up for a few months (or longer) to take a great vacation, and you want to make the most of it, right? You want to stay within your budget and still have a memorable experience. I know I do. And usually I choose my destination based on what I've heard about it from friends online. It's the way of the world these days. If one of my FB friends proclaims they went on a cruise and it was super expensive, I... continue reading
I’ve almost always been a fan of two-wheeled contraptions. I remember the very day that it started. I’m not sure how old I was when my father pushed me along for the first time on my training wheel-less bicycle — maybe 5 — but I am sure that once I realized that he had let go at some point, unbeknownst to me, I was hooked. I was RIDING.  Ah, the fun of being a kid, and the freedom that your bicycle provided… As youngsters, my sister and I would get on our small two-wheelers, and our imaginations would take us on long adventures through foreign lands and motocross races and secret trails. Of... continue reading
There really is no easy answer to this question. I suppose the real question is... How much room do you have in your car? Or how many bikes do you realistically want to bring with you on your trip? Without any hint of exaggeration I can honestly say that Lake Placid and the surrounding area has just about every type of cycling opportunity you can think of. As I write this post, the first weekly time trial of the season held on River Rd. hosted by Placid Planet Bicycles has just taken place, road cyclists are beginning to appear along the sides of our roadways, and mountain bikers are... continue reading
With the decreasing amount of daylight and the increase in moisture falling from the sky in the late fall, some of the mountain bike trails in the area do get a little wet and may not be suitable for riding again until the other side of winter.  However, that is not true for all of the mountain bike trails in the area.  In this final cycling post of the season I offer some suggestions for which trails in the area to avoid, and which trails will remain ridable until the snow begins to fall.  As always, no matter what trail you are on, it is best for the health of the trail system to walk... continue reading


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