Apple Cider: clearly more full-bodied than Pumpkin Spice

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The experience begins as you first turn up the driveway to the Whiteface Lodge Resort & Spa. Take a deep breath of the fresh Adirondack air, enjoy the precisely manicured grounds and seasonal gardens, understand that you will soon be relaxing in style. Are you ready? I am.

Greeted with a smile

As I enter the Spa reception area, a sense of serene calmness enwraps me. Greeted with a smile, I already begin to feel the tension of the week melting away. I can tell that today is going to be a great day. 

Relaxing in Style (aka Fun With Mirrors)

I'm ushered into the Ladies Sanctuary to ready myself for the day's challenge: I am determined to prove that an Apple Cider Masque & Massage is more satisfying than any Pumpkin Spice-anything ever will be. 

Confession: Ok, honestly nobody has actually challenged me on this, but it seemed like a perfect excuse to try this treatment. Besides, I have been hiking a lot this month and my muscles need this. Really!

Local Members: AKA The Regulars

While waiting for my treatment to begin, I had the chance to talk with the other ladies that were soaking up the peaceful ambience. Angela and Becky were getting ready to hit the indoor/outdoor pool and the hot tub, and I can only imagine how gorgeous that would be surrounded by the early fall foliage. Angela is a local member - yes, this sounds like a fairly divine title to have - and explained with enthusiasm all the amenities that members receive (from use of the facilities to discounts). Want to learn more? I do!

Down these stairs to relaxation central

Ah, let the real fun begin! Trish, my therapist for the day, greets me promptly at 1 pm. As we head down the stairs to our appointed room, we chat about the treatment and its many components. 

Yes, there are 80 minutes of bliss about to begin including several distinct steps. Hopefully I can follow directions!

First step: apple, apple, everywhere!

Setting the mood: The lights are lowered, soothing background music is piping through the room. It's time. Trish exfoliates my back, arms, and legs applying the divine smelling Apple Cider Masque as she goes.

Blogger's Note: Do not go into this treatment hungry. I had visions of baked goods dancing through my head! 

Snug as a bug...

Once the masque is applied it must dry. Trish tucked me in burrito-style and the warm wraps immediately started to work their drying/detoxifying magic. What a perfect time for the next step: head & face massage. If you want to experience the ultimate in forgetting your cares, this might be the way. I literally could not focus on one stressful thing during this part of the massage.

Confession: Actually, I couldn't focus on anything at all - I almost fell asleep I was so relaxed!

Not relaxed. At all.

Next step was to wash off the masque in one of the most amazing showers I have encountered. Trish set out a bowl of Apple Cider body wash, got the hot water running, and left to prepare the massage room for the next step. With heads spewing water from all directions, I was hard-pressed to leave. But... it was time for the massage. Oh, the torture.

Confession: I feel bad telling you exactly how perfect my massage was. Let's say this, if you haven't met Trish's hands, you're missing out.

Relaxed, nourished, hydrated. Awesome. What's next?

Post-treatment I am escorted back to the sanctuary. Water with fresh lemon, tea, and healthy snacks are delivered - after all, this was a tough workout, I need to build up my strength. But luckily, before I grab a healthy lunch, I have time to enjoy the steam room and sauna.

Who am I kidding? I smell so divine, I am going right for dessert - apple pie to be exact!

Time to detox. More.

Eucalyptus and steam are a mighty, mighty good combination. After a few minutes of sitting in the wonderfully warm and super-steamy room, I am ready for a trip over to the sauna. If I can find my way out. 

Heating things up...

By the time I have spent a few minutes in the wood-trimmed sauna, I am basically ready to sit back in a lounge chair, grab a good book, and do, well, absolutely nothing. 


Feeling spicy

I say farewell to my comfy robe, and prepare to head back to the real world. Before leaving I run into Angela and Becky (just returning from their outdoor swimming venture). They look refreshed and invigorated. And I must too, as I am told I look so much better than when I arrived - relaxed, fresh, glowing skin, and happy. Heck, as a working mom that usually looks as frazzled as I feel, this may have been the best compliment I've received lately. AND it only took 2 hours for a little me-time! 

Note to self: remember how easy this was... book an appointment, drive to spa, relax, look & feel better, pick up son, resume daily routine.

Apple or Pumpkin - Decide for yourself

I arrived in a harried, rushed state. I left relaxed and ready to tackle my next big project. Two hours of escaping the world at a magnificent award-winning spa - that's all it took.

Have you made time for yourself lately? Whether it's a walk in the woods, finding a spot to curl up in an Adirondack chair and read a book, or a great day of pampering, Lake Placid has an array of activities to choose from. Why not book a stay right now and see for yourself!  

And, if you need someone to join you at the Spa, I suppose I could sacrifice a few more hours!

Thank you Elise & Jamie, Trish, and the Spa staff, I sincerely hope I see you soon!

Underrated Activities

When we think of the Adirondacks we often think of all the awesome outdoor activities. So, this week, we decided to focus on the more lesser-known or underrated activities that are available. 

Living in the Lake Placid Region I feel like I'm pretty well-rounded: I make my way outside to enjoy nature at minimum a few days a week; I can shop on Main Street or grab dinner at one of our many restaurants whenever the mood strikes; I take in as many of the free music and cultural events as my schedule allows. I am always on the go. 

And that, my friends, is exactly what brought this week's idea to fruition: I am always on the go. Always. I have a full time job. I am a mom to a very active 6-year-old. I'm not the type to sit and watch the world go by - I want to be in the action. So, what if... what IF... I actually did sit. And relax? What if I made some ME time? 

Yup, as quickly as that it's decided. Not only will I choose to block out 2 hours for myself, I will take it one step further and book a massage! Now that is exactly what this lady needs. 

For this venture I chose to visit the Whiteface Lodge Resort and Spa. This season they have several specials available (as well as an upcoming Ladies Night), and in keeping with the spirit of our underrated theme, I chose underdog Apple Cider over the popular Pumpkin Spice for my Masque and Massage.

From start to finish, I asked myself over and over why I didn't do this more often. Check out some of the highlights of my day and then book your escape from reality... you deserve it!

Apple Cider... Pumpkin Spice... It doesn't really matter the scent, it's all about the experience!

Arriving at the Spa, I am immediately starting to relax.

Arriving at the Spa, I am immediately starting to relax. I follow the signs down a winding staircase to the lower level of the Resort. 

Every little detail is perfectly thought out!

I'm a sucker for comfy robes, and fun new products. The Ladies Sanctuary draws me in from the get-go. Every little detail is perfectly thought out!

What the... what!? Heated towels? Right. On.

What the... what!? Heated towels? Right. On... Yeah, all the little details are perfect. While I tried to take a pic of the awesome shower, I couldn't get a good angle - there were too many heads spouting water from too many different directions. But the towels - did I mention the towels!?

Yeah, it was fun. Judge me :)

Yeah, it was fun. Judge me :) 

Ah, another day... another fabulous day. Do I look relaxed? I feel relaxed!

Ah, another day... another fabulous day in the ADKs. Do I look relaxed? I feel relaxed!

Check out these lesser-known, waiting-to-be-discovered, ADK activities:

Caves, rocks, and disc golf?

Oh, so cheesy.

Kick back and watch the world... 

By land? Nope, by sea!

Here a chick, there a warbler, everywhere a finch-finch.

Luxury hiking? 

Ready to bike the flats? We’ve got them!


Group rates

I have a 20 passenger bus that I would like to use to bring groups to your spa fromOswrgo, NY. Please email or call. 315-561-0233

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