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How many ways can you play in a day?

Last summer a group of us, purely for work purposes of course, took one of those epic summer days and turned it into a day to play on the lake in as many ways as possible. Scroll on to see how our day went!

Waterski with a view

A few of us met bright and early in the morning for a water ski session. Some of the die hard locals make this their morning routine before going to the office. It's one of the best times of the day for it at the lake is usually still and the other boaters aren't out yet, so you can get that glassy surface and carve those unforgettable turns that just feel so good. 

For slalom course lovers the locals set a course every year tucked along the side of one of the islands. I won't tell you where, you have to see for yourself.



Bring your boat

After the morning sesh, I needed to swing by the office, while the rest headed up the lake to one of the summer camps to meet up with more of our group for the day. They were coordinating a lakeside BBQ and some fun on the water.



I trailered my boat for the second round and put it in at the public launch. It's great they have parking reserved for vehicles with boat trailers. Mel and Lindsay met me to do some paddle boarding. We had reserved two the day before from Placid Boat Rentals, they're conveniently located at the boat launch. We carefully put the two boards & paddles in the boat and headed to meet the rest of the group. 


At the lakeside camp we had fun on most everything that floats. Paddle boards, rafts...

Tube, too

​...and tubing.

Paddleboard Yoga

... And a bit of yoga. There's a paddle board yoga class offered in the summer as well, definitely worth looking into!

Lake Placid Boat Tour

The tour boat cruised by. The tour boat is probably the easiest and most economical way to see the lake when you visit. And, I definitely recommend seeing the lake when you visit. There are no roads that go around it so you really have to hitch a ride by boat to take it in.


Playtime was followed up by our lunchtime BBQ. Yum! There are a few cool places on the lake to picnic - check out the lean-to on one of the islands, head down to what locals refer to as the "beach," or dock at Whiteface Landing.

Family Fun

Mel & Lindsay were ready to head back to shore and it was time for a different round of fun on the lake. We headed back to the launch. This time we rented a pontoon boat for the rest of the afternoon. My friends with children brought them and we had a blast. Lake Placid, in general, is a very kid-friendly place!

Cliff Jump

We toured around the lake. We didn't have time to stop at the island lean-to as I originally, and in retrospect ambitiously, wanted to, but we did have time for tubing, swimming and to watch the cliff jumpers on the other side of the lake. We've got great places to rent your equipment and boats!

Evening cruise

Time went by too fast. The next thing I knew the afternoon had quickly disappeared. As all good things come to an end, it was time to go back to the boat launch to drop this group of families off and pick up a few friends for an adults-only evening couple's cruise around the lake. I did a quick change of clothes in the boat launch bathroom and we loaded up with apps and drinks.

Rent a pontoon

The friendly staff at Placid Boat Rental made sure we were well taken care of and helped us with the boat. 

Extreme fun

Shaun, our staff photographer, connected with Adirondack Aquatics for an evening surf/wakeboard/water ski/tube session. Evening is another time of day where the lake smooths out and the bulk of boaters start to head home, making it another great time to go out and play. These guys have one of the coolest boats on the lake and they love to teach. They are available for hire to take you out for some amazing playtime. 

Evening concert

Afterwards we ended up at the Moose Lodge for dinner, you can bring your boat and dock right at the restaurant. They even offer short term dock space if you're visiting for a couple days or a week. 

Not too bad of a day. Haha, it was a perfect day. I still have a whole lists of things I want to do for next time but we packed a whole lot in. I would suggest taking more time than we did and spread it over several days.

Find your favorite way - or in my case, ways - to play on the lake this summer. From the boat tour, to an array of boat rentals, lessons with ADK Aquatics, and lakeside lodging - some of which come with complimentary boats, you will see you need to plan more than just one day on the lake. Spend a day hanging out and swimming at a remote lean-to, catch a free concert at Mid's Park on Mirror Lake - you'll find the lawn seating is great but sometimes on the water can be the best view. Insiders Tip: Fourth of July is amazing from the lake. 

Not so placid

When I was a kid my family and I would vacation with another family we were very close with. I have the greatest memories as we would try to get ahold of anything and everything that would float and that we could use to spend a great day on and at the water. From strapping giant inflatable tubes to the trunk of the car, inflatable rafts, boogie boards, and even a few summers where the beach would rent giant tubes we could actually fit in the middle of and roll down the hill and into the water in. We then added to the circus with a large styrofoam (yes, styrofoam) sailboat my dad obtained with cigarette points (yes, it was the 80s) from Kool. From that the obsession with the water and toys that float grew. The Kool sailboat turned into my dad's best friend purchasing a real sailboat, “The Pelican,” which later was sold for a larger vessel, “Dancer,” which we still enjoy trips on today. Our family went the route of motorboats, small open bow vessels that we could waterski and tube behind. Our first was aptly named “No Glitter,” as this little SeaNymph was among the boats in the area that didn’t sparkle in sun. So our vacations at the lake grew, still loading the boats with the two families and spending a day on the water with everything that floats.

Start a tradition 

All grown up now, our two families still have our annual holiday where we get together and the new generation of Leben/Anderson's has started. Living now in Lake Placid, playing on the water is something I can’t get enough of and I still enjoy getting out on everything that floats. While the lake has changed the agenda has not, and I’d like to share some of my obsession with the water in the hopes it will inspire you to plan a Lake Placid lake getaway and start an on-the-water tradition of your own.

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