Make your Whiteface Mountain ski trip easier with these tips

Families with children 12 and under

The mountain recommends going directly to Kids Kampus, especially if you want to enroll your child in lessons. All junior lessons, for children 12 and under take place at Kids Kampus. The great thing about Kids Kampus is it has its own parking, tickets sales and rentals for the whole family, storage (we will cover below*) and has a free shuttle service as well as ski-in/ski-out to the main lodge.

Tips from Whiteface Staff

  • Be nice to our parking lot attendants – they are there to help you park quickly and efficiently so you can get ready for your day on the slopes.
  • Check out storage options – there are great, affordable options to keep items safe and accessible while you are here. (see below*)

When driving in – say hi to Mary, she helps direct traffic at the Main Lodge – and always wears a smile!

Mary - Whiteface Mountain's Parking Attendant

Tips from Mary

  • Walking is a great way to warm-up and prevent injury on the slopes!

There is a free shuttle service from the parking lots to the lodges but if you're renting gear or can drop your gear off, a brisk walk is a great to warm-up your muscles for a day on the mountain! Click here for more shuttle service and parking information from my past blog

Tips inside the Lodge

Main Lodge, Lower Level, Main entrance (by shuttle drop off):
Tickets, Rentals, Lessons

Main Lodge entrance at Whiteface Mountain Ski Area in New York

Purchase your lift tickets, rentals and group lessons all right here! Whiteface Mountain, NY


When you enter the lodge - wait in one line to purchase tickets, rentals and group lessons. (Private lessons are sold just around the corner - to your left in the next room.) Lift tickets are sold by age: 6 and under (are free!), then Junior (7-12), Teen (13-19), Adult (20-64), Senior (65-69), and Adults 70+.

Rental Form and Info for Ski rentals at Whiteface Mountain Ski area

Rental Tips

When renting equipment be ready with Age, Height, Weight, Shoe Size and Ability Level (Skier Type I, II or III). The rental department has posted descriptions of Skier Type, and a place marked to measure height along with a scale for weight to make sure you are on the best equipment for your experience at Whiteface.

First day tips in the rental department at Whiteface Mountain Ski Area in New York

The rental department has 3 levels of equipment rentals (unofficially "green", "blue", and "black diamond" packages) for both snowboarding and skiing. These include 2 tiers of the rentals – beginner and intermediate/advanced along with a high-end demo department so you can test out what's hot this season! Check out their demo gear - they carry Volki, Atomic, Rossi and more!

Whiteface Mountain's Performance Ski and Snowboard Demos in the Rental Department

Tuning Department

Whiteface Mountain has it's own tuning department and skilled tuning staff. They've been tuning my equipment for years. I highly recommend stopping by and having them prep your equipment for a day on the slopes.

Tuning at Whiteface Mountain Ski Area in New York

Tuning Department Tips:

  • Drop off your skis at lunch for their Green Tune for $25 and in 30 minutes or less get your edges sharpened, base resurfaced and waxed -- have your skis tuned to the changing conditions on the mountain and have grip as some of the trails get scraped off towards the end of the day.
  • You can also leave your skis overnight for tuning and pick up the next day in time for first tracks!
  • Whiteface Mountain's tuning department also offers Binding Torque Testing – this is recommended once a year to make sure your bindings are releasing as they are supposed to. It's pretty cool – stop by and have them show you what's all about.

Binding Torque Testing at Whiteface Mountain's Tuning Department

The 2nd level at the Main Lodge:
Bathrooms, Lost and Found, and gear storage

$15, 24-hour large storage lockers at Whiteface Mountain


*Storage: What I really like about the Whiteface experience is their gear storage solutions (also available at Kids Kampus). They have the traditional, small, quarter fed lockers that cost $1 every time you use them but they also have a couple other great solutions:

  1. 24 Hour Lockers – these are large lockers that for $15 you can have for a full 24 for hours, they will hold an entire families worth of gear overnight and you can access it as often as you need!
  2. $4 Bins – offered at the Lost and Found desk, for $4 they provide you with a 14 gallon bin you with come and go access you can store whatever you want in it and access it as often as you need. The bins are stored securely in the back.
  3. Overnight Ski Storage $5 per. Tip – for families the 24-hour locker is highly recommended and can save you money. Bins are also available overnight for $4.

The 3rd level at the Main Lodge:
Food, Ski Shop, Guest Services


  1. Base Camp Market – many options, great breakfasts along with: Black Diamond Burrito, Pinetree Pizza Co., Firepit Grill, the Lean-to-Deli, and Backcountry Soups and Chili.
  2. J. Lohr Vineyard Café and Wine Bar - delicious gourmet meal with a great view of the slopes.
  3. Ausable Picnic Room – pack your own lunch!
  4. Kids Kampus – Black Bear Café

(Mid-Station also has two great options - the Mid-Station Lodge and Boule's Bistro)

Ski Shop:

Jackets, pants, hats, gloves, goggles anything you need to stay warm on the slopes and a great line of souvenirs – check out their signature 1980 Lake Placid Winter Olympic memorabilia.

The 4th level at Main Lodge:
Cloudspin Lounge

Newly remodeled bar – this is where you will find live bands, drink specials, food and additional restrooms.

Final tip of the day – if you haven't booked your trip to Whiteface yet, save with a Whiteface Mountain Ski and Stay Package, by booking lodging and lift tickets together you can save some money for lessons, demo'ing new equipment, or enjoying a glass of wine at the J. Lohr Café!


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