Family Fun: Golf of the Mini Variety

Pirate's Cover Mini GolfMy son asks to go mini golfing pretty much every time we leave the house. To him it is the pinnacle of fun and the best treat for a job well done. I always feel a simple "congratulations" should do the trick. Though, I am also of the mindset for having some fun and showing off my putting skill around the mini golf course.

He feels playing a round of mini golf is just that, miniscule, small, not taking up much time or space. Shouldn't we all be embracing his philosophy of golf? Taking a small bit of our time to play 18 holes? (My daughter chirps in to not forget about the pirate's ship.) Yes, and where else in our busy lives do we dodge pirates or maneuver through waterfalls while keeping a low score?

Lake Placid is not just the home to world-renowned full-size champion golf courses but the mini ones as well. Avalanche Adventures and Pirate's Cove are both on Saranac Ave.

We board the ship at Pirate's Cove, choose our putters and head for Hole 1. Talking like a pirate and coming up with swashbuckling puns soon become a natural part of the game. Taking the time to read the storyline plaques located at the beginning of each hole is not necessary, but it ties in the pirate theme and adds to the fun. The storyline starts at the office building and tells the history of Pirate's Cove and Blackbeard. Each hole then leads through a series of events that conclude with us, along with Blackbeard's captives from the story, saving the day. We peer in windows, caves, and dungeons correlating to the story while attempting to make par. Ah, matie!

Pirate's CoveHole 9 has a motion sensor that sets off a boisterous voice. My son enters the cavern setting off the sensor. I peer in to see his feet and arms spinning in place so fast, he reminds me of one of the "Little Rascals. "I'm surprised he doesn't produce smoke from the friction he applies to the Astroturf as he makes a speedy exit.

There is even a chance to win a golden coin for getting "a hole in one" on the secret hole of the day. Each young person receives some sort of pirate treasure, a tattoo, flag or other goodies. So for us, long after the game is completed, we have a bit of pirate booty to show for our adventure.

Pirate's Cove is located at 1980 Saranac Ave. in Lake Placid. Call 518-523-5478 for more information. 

Diane Chase is the author of the Adirondack Family Activities ™guidebook series Adirondack Family Time™. Your Four-Season Guide to Over 300Activities. Each guide covers one of the four Adirondack regions. 

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