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    "By Foot" January 17, 1974--Six-thousand years ago,when the Egyptian civilization was still "young", people in Central Asia were developing a tool which, some say, ranks in importance with the wheel. This tool was the snowshoe-ski, without which the aboriginal people would not have been able to expand over, and occupy, the northern hemisphere. Once this important contribution to technology had been made, certain human groups began their northern migrations which eventually enabled them to move from a central point somewhere in Asia into what are now known as Scandinavia, Siberia, and... continue reading
There's a certain feeling in Lake Placid each January as the new year begins. It always makes us think about new beginnings, activities and goals we hope to accomplish and many times, thoughts about the past. Our memories force us into the past for many reasons, some of which are tied to current events, weather, activities and more - a strong fragrance, snow falling, biting cold on one's cheeks, or that special view of the surrounding mountains. Driving to work this morning I was struck by the lightly snow-covered fields and the low clouds on the mountains and then the bitter cold hitting my... continue reading
In case I wasn't feeling bad enough for over-indulging during the holidays, I spoke with one of Lake Placid's most active mountain guides yesterday. Following our conversation, I felt a little bit, shall we say, sedentary.Brian and Karen Delaney own and operate High Peaks Cyclery (HPC) and High Peaks Mountain Adventures (and they run the weekly Lake Placid mini-tirathlons in summer, the mt. biking center in summer, and more, and more...) You can find them at one of their businesses or zooming around the Adirondacks on bikes, crampons, skis, kayaks, snowshoes or running shoes almost any time... continue reading
Mush!John Houghton, the owner of Thunder Mountain Dog Sled Tours has been checking the ice on Mirror Lake daily to make sure it is safe and ready for dog sled rides. Since we saw a dog sled movie (more than one movie so it's not worth mentioning a name) there has been some insistence from the ranks about being pulled around by dog. There had been attempts in our past of attaching a sled to our gold retriever, with little success. I have been even dubbed the team at times, but believe the allure isn't in the ride but in the animals.Houghton, who also breeds his Alaskan Huskies as well as runs... continue reading
It always seems that we get a kind of "break" from regular work schedules during the last couple of weeks each year, with everyone distracted by family and friends and celebrations.And this upcoming weekend, there are plenty of distractions! There's no place like Lake Placid to celebrate the New Year, and there's quite a lineup of activities for families, those who enjoy watching athletes shush, slide and fly, and the adventurous visitor who wants to try it for themselves!Here's a quick rundown of this weekend's highlighted distractions (and a bonus for those who read to the end):FRIDAY DEC... continue reading
When December rolls around our family is completely immersed in winter sports. We are skiing at Whiteface, driving to Mt. Van Hoevenberg for a biathlon meet. We wait for ponds to freeze over so we can ice skate. We take winter walks in the woods, all because we are fortunate to live in the Adirondacks every day. When we have family of various ages arrive, it is sometimes a challenge to figure out a way to please everyone. So after hitting the ski slopes some suggestions for a bit of family entertainment are as follows. The Palace Theatre in Lake Placid not only hosts wonderful first run... continue reading
Last year I was organized to the point of obsession prior to Christmas. I was determined to at least once in my life have my Christmas shopping completely finished by Thanksgiving. Believe it or not, me being the ultimate procrastinator, I accomplished my mission. This year I was seriously behind the eight-ball as that ominous 7-days-tll-Christmas personal deadline came and went. I was on the verge of panic. My creativity had failed me. I was coming up with not a single good idea for gifts for my loved ones. Good grief, why had I not shopped.? It seemed inevitable I was to become one of... continue reading
At the Brewster Memorial Library, we are committed to making the Library accessible to the public, while adhering to the highest standards of current special collections and archival practices for our materials. We hope to create an enjoyable and useful resource for research on Essex County history. The research library is named for the Honorable Osceola Byron Brewster. Dedicated in 1959 by James Rosenburg, ECHS board member and artist, the library is located on the top level of the Adirondack History Center Museum. Judge Brewster was a well known and respected Essex County citizen and... continue reading
The GOOD thing about the somewhat slow start to real Adirondack winter weather is that my fall hiking season has been extended.And with very little snow on the Adirondack Coast, I had a brand new hiking trail to test this last weekend - without the need for skis or snowshoes. (There will be plenty of time for that!)Champlain Area Trails (CATS) has opened a new trail - it's called the Cheney Mountain Trail and it's the first of their network in the Town of Moriah.There are actually three very distinct lookouts at the top. The first one you'll encounter offers a tremendous view north over Lake... continue reading
Today I would like to share with you my favorite photo of the season.  I think it captures the calm before the storm.  


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