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Lingo  There’s a certain amount of jargon associated with any sport or endeavor, and golf is certainly no exception.   In addition to common slang terms, one always hears about a golf course’s “signature hole,” and I’ve always wondered what the distinction is…who decides? What is the criteria? Does someone actually place an autograph somewhere? I decided to take my investigation to the links. More accurately, I took my investigation to the mountain.     The Lake Placid Club The Lake Placid Club is just a chip and a putt from my office in Lake Placid (or a sliced drive in my case), so... continue reading
September in Lake Placid brings some cool late summer/early fall events to the mountains. Check out our complete calendar for all of the 80+ events taking place in September. Here are some of our favorites. 44th Annual Lake Placid Classic It's hard to imagine it's been 44 years since Dr. Bob Lopez (a local veterinarian) started this annual running event in Lake Placid. Long distance running was in its early stages of popularity when Bob decided to introduce Lake Placid to the sport as an event. Needless to say, it was a success! Not surprisingly, Lopez was subsequently chosen as Lake Placid... continue reading
Avalanche Mountain is one of those tall peaks seen by many but explored by few. Standing at Marcy Dam, like many of you may have in the past, your eyes gaze southward toward Mount Colden and through Avalanche Pass and there’s this smaller mountain right in the middle, with two distinguishable mounds for summits, that’s Avalanche Mountain. There is no trail up this 3800’ peak that is swallowed by two very prominent passes, Avalanche Pass on its left and Caribou Pass on its right, the Macintyre Range shadows over the region a bit further to the west making even 3800’ feet look very small.I... continue reading
As we put the 16th edition of Ironman Lake Placid in the history books, we turn to late summer and our back-to-back events of early August. From water skiing to lacrosse, we've got some pretty awesome events coming up in addition to our ongoing cultural and fun family events. Summer ice skating Hard to imagine ice skating in the summer? Lake Placid sports not one, but THREE indoor refrigerated skating rinks and is home to one of America's longest running and most prestigious summer figure skating training programs. This week we play host to the Lake Placid Ice Dance Championships. The event... continue reading
Ironman Lake Placid is the premier event for elite triathletes. Outside of the Ironman World Championship in Kailua-Kona, at Lake Placid's inception in 1999 it was the only other Ironman event in the United States. Now one of several Ironman events it still holds the distinction of the longest running - and for good reason. This year's race takes place on Sunday, July 27th. The competitors love Lake Placid because of its spectacular course views, nearly infinite options for recreation, and Lake Placid's amazing hospitality. Racers frequently comment about the unbelievable support from... continue reading
Some of the best scenic destinations near Lake PlacidLake Placid is loaded with scenic destinations, but not all of them are long hikes or even moderate hikes; the Lake Placid Region can fulfill it all. These destinations I have chosen are perfect for those not wishing to do much hiking at all. In fact these destinations are within a ten minute walk of the parking lot, no special hiking equipment required, you could even do them in your flip flops if you want. I hope you enjoy these selected short ventures and take lots of pictures while you’re out there.  Cascade Lakes and Cascade... continue reading
Gear for Day Hiking in the High Peaks    I am going to Lake Placid, what should I have for day hiking in the High Peaks?This question is much more in depth than one might think. You have another question you need to ask to lead up to this question. Where do I plan to hike? This matters only is mainly in the concept of how much food and water should I bring, all other gear I list should be on every hike. Some are “just in case” gear, while others are essential.I have spent countless hours and miles in the High Peaks and frequently revisit as a guide to the Region. The possible situations I see... continue reading
You may not think of the Adirondacks as the place to go for theater, but there’s some amazing plays and musicals to be seen in Tri-Lakes area and around the region every summer. Turns out actors like “vacationing” here in the summer just as much as regular folks (though it’s not really a vacation when you work as hard as they do!), and there are plenty of professional actors who venture up from more metropolitan areas to participate in some amazing summer stock theater. There are also some fabulous local actors as well! Dreaming of Pendragon Saranac Lake’s Pendragon Theatre, the only... continue reading
Two years ago I had what I believed was the bright idea that Lake Placid needed an historic walking tour map. Little did I know that I would be the designer or that it would be so well received! At the time I was a trustee on the Lake Placid North Elba Historical Society board of directors. I have since left the board due to time limitations, but I wanted to see the project through to completion so I stayed on task until publication in May of this year.  It’s been an incredibly rewarding and enlightening project. I learned a great deal about Lake Placid’s history in the process and have a... continue reading
A weekday experiment in the life of a budget-conscious fun-loving family You would think we were tourists. Seriously. We like to take advantage of the numerous activities that visitors to the region drive hours to partake in. Most of our adventures are spur of the moment, inspired by something we have read in the events calendar or online. Sometimes we choose a family-friendly hike such as Owl’s Head or Cobble Hill, other days you can find us biking on random backroads in quiet Saranac Lake, or camping in one of the numerous spots within driving distance to our home-base: along the beautiful... continue reading