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“Are there really alligators in Lake Placid? Where can we go to see them?” The Visitors Center on Main Street, Lake Placid, Adirondacks USA fields those questions on a weekly basis via phone, email and even in person. And they’ve been answering that question since 1999, when the first movie named "Lake Placid" was released. My Twitter search for the words “Lake Placid” returns a lot of references to our gorgeous destination in the Adirondacks, but it also lists a ton of references to the series of horror films. The percentage of those references increases exponentially as we near Halloween... continue reading
This year I'm planning a girls getaway ski trip to Lake Placid. Yes, I live here. So, why am I planning what will essentially turn into a staycation for me? It's because I think this is a destination that has a little something for all my girlfriends to enjoy. And hey, it's the perfect excuse to indulge and show my friends why I love living here! Usually there is a bit of a give and take from the more serious skiers and riders to the more casual snow bunnies and beginners, leaving the group, well, separated. Together yet apart. This year I am suggesting Lake Placid for a number of reasons... continue reading
Memory, All Alone In The Moonlight… Artist Parmelee Tolkan, well-known as a Costume Painter both on Broadway and on the Big Screen, has maintained a studio at the Lake Placid Center for the Arts since the early 90s. And, while she and husband actor James Tolkan (Top Gun, Back to the Future) have been living here in Lake Placid full time since 1987, her ties to the area go back much further than that; 2015 will mark 115 years that Parmelee’s family has been summering in Lake Placid.​ Splitting her time between NYC and Lake Placid, she has cultivated a thriving and very successful career as a... continue reading
“Far above the chilly waters of Lake Avalanche at an elevation of 4,293 feet lies summit water, a minute, unpretending, tear of the clouds — as it were — a lovely pool shivering in the breezes of the mountains and sending its limpid surplus through Feldspar Brook to the Opalescent River, the well-spring of the Hudson.” - written by Verplanck Colvin, 1872, while surveying the Adirondack Mountains.  Highest Source of the Hudson The highest water source that feeds the mighty Hudson River is Lake Tear of the Clouds, located 1,000 feet below the summit of Mount Marcy, the highest point in New... continue reading
There are plenty of ghost stories in the Lake Placid area, but probably the most unique and mysterious is the story of the Lady in the Lake. If you want to learn about it, Lake Placid Boat Tours guides tell the story as they pass by Pulpit Rock, where the ghost of Mabel Smith Douglass is said to be seen. I took the tour on a beautiful fall day in late September, and I thoroughly enjoyed it despite the dark subject matter I was researching.   A body found in the lake On Sept. 21, 1933, Mabel disappeared while rowing on Lake Placid. She was a successful educator, creating and serving as... continue reading
Staying out overnight in the High Peaks The weather's getting cooler during the day; can you imagine what the temperatures will be at night in the High Peaks? If you plan on coming to the region for an overnight in the wilderness, you better start thinking about staying warm. Before you know it, winter will be here and the temperatures will plummet even more. So, what I think I will do is break it down for you a little bit: let’s look at fall and winter on two separate scales. Fall wilderness camping in the High Peaks If you plan to come up over the next couple of months to spend some... continue reading
Lake Placid’s large sports venues have dabbled over the years in hosting concerts. The Grateful Dead played a show or two here, and I remember New Kids on the Block playing here when I was a pre-teen dying to see them (my parents wouldn’t let me go!). I saw my first Phish and Bob Dylan shows at the 1980 rink, and there have been some other great acts at various times at Whiteface and the Olympic venues throughout the years. But those venues don’t host music events regularly, so it’s always exciting when one is announced. The second I heard they were planning to hold a bluegrass festival this... continue reading
Intro to Skiing and Snowboarding 101 Learning to ski or snowboard can have many paths. As a longtime skier, snowboarder, and past instructor, I’ve seen how vast the experiences from one person to another can be. While you could say there is no wrong way, there are definitely ways to make the experience easier, and more affordable. Ski Lessons for Children My parents skied in college and so when I was young they enrolled me in lessons during our family ski vacations. While I was too young to fully remember the learning experience, I do remember much of my progression skiing over the years... continue reading
While fall and then our soon to come Indian summer still linger in Lake Placid, there are a few distinctly autumn events you won’t want to miss. Three of them have become well-known annual affairs with large attendance numbers and one is a brand new and exciting event for late October. Celebrate Bavarian culture One of our annual events is actually in Wilmington at Whiteface Mountain, but we don’t want to overlook it as it’s such a famous regional event.  With several well known Bavarian entertainers both days, traditional Bavarian foods and German beers, along with lots more for all ages,... continue reading
Location The Conference Center is located in the the Village of Lake Placid. After a day of conferencing our attendees can walk right on onto Main Street and stroll the many restaurants and shops. In addition, Main Street is right on the water’s edge of Mirror Lake. Mirror Lake offers a variety of boating, swimming and other water activities.  New Green Building Features The Conference Center opened in May of 2011. The Conference Center is a green building. The majority of old structure was recycled as it was removed, and the majority of the new material that was used to build the... continue reading