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As my Friday was coming to an end, Chris’s was just beginning Today I worked my 9-5, followed by a quick cross-country ski with the dogs as it was getting dark, and then met my girlfriends for a quick bite at Lisa G’s. Home. Not bad for a Friday. With a fire in the fireplace I laid down on the couch and was content with the idea of enjoying a movie and a decent bedtime. But I had plans, and not your typical Friday night plans… although I live in Lake Placid and didn’t exactly have that typical day at work either. I call it Neverland, where the boys rarely grow up and the locals are known to... continue reading
Sometimes you just have to treat yourself The end to a perfectly naughty day  I’m sitting poolside at the Whiteface Resort writing this blog and feeling like a million bucks. However, my day did not start out that way, I had to make a few un-ordinary choices along the way to turn it around. Yesterday I found out that my husband and his athlete, Shiva, were unable to secure a driver to the Montreal Airport and I would need to take them at 4 am - on a Monday morning. I quickly came to the determination that: 1) there was no way I would be able to be on time for work, and 2) even if I could... continue reading
A Small Secretive Owl Of the three most common breeding owl species in the Adirondacks (the Northern Saw-whet Owl, Barred Owl, and Great Horned Owl), the Saw-whet is the smallest and most mysterious. More often heard than seen, this completely nocturnal owl’s secretive nature makes its habits little known to humans. Relentless Tooting The Northern Saw-whet Owl’s advertising call is rather unusual. The Birds of North America account for this species describes the male’s call as “A monotonous series of whistled notes on a constant pitch." Birders refer to this vocalization as the “tooting”... continue reading
... and eat it too!! Is it inevitable to gain weight during the holidays? This has typically been the season of mashed potatoes, pies, cookies, stuffing, cheese, bread, cakes and more of what we don’t need to eat. The five weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years are like navigating a spring cow pasture. Let’s face it, this is the time of year to enjoy family, friends and food, and depriving yourself shouldn’t have to be an option. In the words of Julia Child, “People who love to eat are always the best people.” I am professing that we CAN have our cake and eat it too!!   Living in Lake... continue reading
Conquering the Firsts… It’s the first significant snow of the year, first weekend that Mt. Van Hoevenberg is open for the season, first time I have ever skied alone.  I woke up this morning to the magical text: 6". Sweet. That means we have permission to hit the slope/track/trail of choice for an hour or so prior to hitting the office. Our mission: check out the conditions, take pictures, report back. One of the advantages to working in the tourism industry in a mountain town. Where to go?  I chose Mt. Van Ho - the Olympic Sports Complex Cross Country Ski Center - I have never been... continue reading
When in Rome, you know, do as the Romans do When I visit new places and travel, part of the time I like to play tourist, while part of me is interested with what the locals do and where they go. Writing on where the locals go when they eat out in Lake Placid, I realized I could write from several different angles. Why do we choose the places that we do? Some places are known for a signature night of the week where the locals meet; some folks choose based on ambience; other reasons that rank high include the range of specialty drinks and beer selection, to perhaps great appetizers, favorite... continue reading
A campfire is what many consider a favorite camping pastime and one of tradition, skill, warmth, romance, and safety. Unfortunately in the High Peaks Region camp fires are not allowed. But what do you do for food when you can’t use an open flame to roast a hotdog, have s'mores, or fry up that delicate trout you just caught? Well, that’s when you have to turn to your stove and your imagination. Stoves have been used for years to cook food, but a similar pastime is using that open flame to do some of it for you. What I am about to talk to you about is no big secret and nothing that is overly... continue reading
As the snow begins to fly around the Adirondacks the level of excitement about the upcoming winter sports season resonates from the hills! We are so excited to get our winter gear on and ski, skate, ice climb, hike and all the other things we do here in the winter months. But during the time between first snow and ‘enough’ snow to really play in, there’s a time we turn our attention to some great events on the calendar. Hopefully there will be snow and ice to play on - and in - by the time these events roll around, not that any of them require it. But, it sure does give everything a more... continue reading
My first High Peak was Colvin, but not because I chose it to be, it was more like we came upon it. I was hiking with my father and mother up and over Indian Head and Fish Hawk Cliffs when I saw the sign for Colvin. I remember saying, “I think that’s one of the highest peaks, want to go? It’s not too far away,” so we did. We summited in a thick fog, very surprised at how it wasn’t “just right there,” but we were hooked. My dad and I would slowly peck away at the list. My dad and I never did finish them together, his knees wouldn’t allow that to happen, so we celebrate being 25ers together.... continue reading
As Veterans Day approaches, I decided to take a stab at honoring one of our local veterans in my blog post this week. However, while attempting to decide just which local veteran to write about, I decided it would be impossible to focus on just one. I opted instead to write about a few from a singular group of our local veterans - the Civil War Vets - as I felt singling out just one of the vast list of local veterans would be very difficult.  Lake Placid's population, like all towns in America, has been no stranger to the ravages of the many wars and conflicts our country has been embroiled... continue reading