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I walk these trails frequently and lately even more since we have welcomed Bear, the yellow Lab, into our family. It's one of the best places to walk your dog since a summer swim for both of you is a great bonus in the middle of your walk, and the other skiers and snowshoers in the winter usually have their dogs in tow also, so you won't find those XC ski purists hollering at you for mucking up the track with pad prints for heaven's sake! If you've never been to the Peninsula Nature Trails, make a point of it soon. It's easy to find - just take Peninsula Way, between Comfort Inn and Ho Jo's... continue reading
I have heard the walk around Lake Placid's Mirror Lake referred to as "the fitness trail." I inquired at the Lake Placid/Essex County Convention and Visitor's Bureau and am told that though it is a nice 2.7-mile walk there are no fitness stations along the easily recognizable red-bricked sidewalk.We park the car on Parkside Drive, adjacent to a playground, tennis courts and the public beach. The public beach is still filled with people and the shoreline a buzz with activity.There are tennis courts and a playground at the south end of the lake adjacent to the village beach so, if motivated, I... continue reading
Friday was a perfect day.Perfect despite the fact that over 8 hours of the day were spent in my office. I will disclose that my office just happens to be located on the shore of Mirror Lake - right at the Ironman Lake Placid swim start line. To keep me on task, my desk is positioned so that I'm facing AWAY from the window, but on occasion, I do steal glances - just to make sure it isn't dark out yet, and that I'm not missing an important Adirondack wildlife sighting.It is easy to get completely lost within the parameters of the 17 inch laptop screen and the endless stream of voices,... continue reading


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