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Why Climb the High Peaks in Winter?“The rewards are many and varied for the man, in good physical condition, with the patience and good sense to plan his Adirondack mountaineering trips, ahead of time, with necessary detail.  His equipment sound, and clothing and food adequate, he may swing along the trail which on one day may sparkle with frost crystals over the powder snow; and on the next may be a sea of slush.  Prepared is he for the terrible nose dive of the thermometer at a moment’s notice, and yes, willing, even after climbing three thousand feet with a pack, to turn back, not without... continue reading
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Now, I’ve been skiing both downhill and cross-country since I was a little kid. My dad was an avid skier, and he had my sister and I on skis almost as soon as we could walk. So I have been operating under the assumption that I possess enough muscle memory and coordination to successfully achieve any cross-country skiing challenge.  I was wrong.   Backstage pass It all started with a simple introduction to a new style of Nordic skiing.  I’ll admit that my job does give me the opportunity to access what I’ll call the “Adirondack backstage.” I sometimes have unique opportunities to visit... continue reading
When you think of Lake Placid, or even the Adirondacks, you might not immediately think of diversity. In fact, our demographics are downright monochromatic. Despite this, our village is welcoming to all races. But it wasn't always that way. The change in perception can be traced back to one man. The Backstory In the 1950s, Lake Placid was similar to many small American towns. Blacks and whites lived separately, and discrimination was the norm. But something changed the attitudes of the locals. Many can remember being told by their parents not to associate with those of different races. Many... continue reading
We have been getting dumped on this winter with light fluffy powder, but that hasn’t stopped us from taking on more difficult hikes. Breaking trail can be very tiring, but we got an early start, brought plenty of food and water, and worked our way up to the really challenging adventures. Esther via White Brook was going to be one of those challenges that we had to get ready for. Feeling good, feeling rested, and feeling inspired we scoped out a potential route on our topo map and made the early morning drive over to Wilmington to do it. We had been eyeballing White Brook and Esther for quite... continue reading
Invent Your Own Perfect WEDDING Day... Lake Placid is the perfect spot for your destination wedding. We are an intimate village with all the amenities you'll need to make your memorable day come to fruition, and your guests will love the chance to extend their stay into a mini-vacation. Whether you choose a resort wedding, or a lean-to on the side of one of our Adirondack High Peaks, we have the know-how and the creativity to make your special day as unique as you are. Where to Begin Join us at the Lake Placid Wedding Show in May and we'll be glad to help you make your dream day a reality... continue reading
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RELIVE THE MIRACLE ON ICE Once upon a time in a tiny mountain village in the Adirondacks, a young, rag-tag US Olympic Hockey Team took on the most powerful force in hockey in the world: the Soviet Union. And they beat them 4-3. On February 21st at 7:30 pm, many of the members of that hockey team will converge on Lake Placid to celebrate the 35th anniversary of what's been proclaimed by sports analysts around the world as the greatest moment in sports history, the "Miracle on Ice." The 1980 Olympic Hockey Team Reunion will be a combination of team memories, audio/video presentations, special... continue reading
Two things to remember about winter exploring... As you may know there are many, many, many things to learn and remember before heading out into the High Peaks on a winter trip. Whether you are bagging a peak, skiing to a secluded pond, ice climbing your favorite pitch, or heading to the Lake Placid region for a three-day camping excursion with your college buddies, you have to think about two important key factors: hypothermia and dehydration. Hypothermia Hypothermia is "a decrease in the core body temperature to a level at which normal muscular and cerebral functions are impaired." ... continue reading
I’m all about hiking the High Peaks in any season. I usually only want to hike High Peaks rather than any other mountains, there’s just something about conquering a 4,000 foot peak with my own two feet that sucks me in. However, this year on Martin Luther King weekend, I realized that I can still have a great time on non-High Peaks, if only I head out with an open mind and open eyes. Planning and Packing When my hiking group first planned our trip, we were aiming for Phelps Mountain, which is the 32nd tallest High Peak in the Adirondacks. We’ve only done two High Peaks in the winter -... continue reading
Skinny skis rule! Grab your skinny skis and your outdoor gear and be prepared to have a lot of fun and learn some new things at this year’s inaugural Lake Placid Nordic Festival. From races, clinics, and workshops to intro to biathlon and nighttime ski tours, there’s something going on all day and into the evenings for three full days: February 27 through March 1, 2015. Even if you’ve never tried nordic skiing, this is the perfect time to get out there and learn traditional or skate skiing, ski-joring with your dog or attend a biathlon clinic. And there’s much, much more, so check out the... continue reading
When The Ice Hits, Mirror Lake Is Open For Business! When it comes to old Adirondack Traditions, Lake Placid has many. One of the local favorites, and something that is pretty darn unique, is our Toboggan Chute on Mirror Lake. This converted 30' Ski Jump Trestle is situated to send toboggans down the ice covered chutes and out across the frozen surface. Depending on weather conditions - and your skill as a master tobogganer - sleds can travel over 1,000 feet once they reach the frozen lake surface. It's mid-January, and The Chute is now open for business. Join us for a memorable experience... continue reading