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From Our View Point I have noticed something very interesting about attendees who come to Lake Placid for their conference: they are different when they leave! As a matter of practice, the CVB sales staff stands in the foyer of the Conference Center during registration to welcome conference staff, attendees, and exhibitors to Lake Placid. Upon arrival, there are signs, on those entering, of the stress they’ve endured while wrapping things up before leaving work for a couple of days, traveling to the destination, and the general uneasiness associated with a new place. By the end of the... continue reading
Hard Work, Great People & Amazing Food In The ‘Dacks I participated in the Fall Work Weekend at Johns Brook Lodge in October of 2014 with my mom and we both enjoyed it immensely. Last fall’s Work Weekend was the first one I participated in, and I loved every second of it due to the great food, interesting people and the pleasure of “giving back to the mountains.” I headed back for the 2015 Spring Work Weekend by myself seeking the fun that I had last time.  Arriving at the lodge after hiking in the three-and-a-half miles from the garden parking lot, I was greeted with the sounds of... continue reading
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Shhh... Don't Tell Anyone  Except for maybe all your friends - you will want to bring them! Now is a great time to plan a Lake Placid getaway. It’s still a few weeks before the summer season officially begins, but spring has sprung and people are out boating, hiking, biking, and riding motorcycles, there are so many things to do here. If you’re a music fan, kicking off Lake Placid’s summer season is the Blues & Heritage Music Festival, June 19-21. This may be the first time you’ve heard of this festival, but don’t let that be a deterrent as this is only the 2nd year of this intimate... continue reading
Spend, spend, spend... not so much! It can be expensive to take a vacation. We know that; I know that. I'm, admittedly, thrifty - okay, call it cheap, whatever. Here's the thing... you save up for a few months (or longer) to take a great vacation, and you want to make the most of it, right? You want to stay within your budget and still have a memorable experience. I know I do. And usually I choose my destination based on what I've heard about it from friends online. It's the way of the world these days. If one of my FB friends proclaims they went on a cruise and it was super expensive, I... continue reading
A brilliant ad campaign People of a ‘certain age’ will likely remember an ad campaign in the 1970s and '80s conducted by Canadian Club (CC) Whiskey. It created some mysteries so intriguing that people traveled all over the world in their attempts to locate the subjects of the ads and claim a supposed $10,000 prize for locating them. Lake Placid was one of the destinations used in this ad campaign. To date, the mystery of "the missing case" in Lake Placid has never been solved according to local lore and the media. Here’s the back story… It all started in the late '60s with a brilliant... continue reading
Not so placid When I was a kid my family and I would vacation with another family we were very close with. I have the greatest memories as we would try to get ahold of anything and everything that would float and that we could use to spend a great day on and at the water. From strapping giant inflatable tubes to the trunk of the car, inflatable rafts, boogie boards, and even a few summers where the beach would rent giant tubes we could actually fit in the middle of and roll down the hill and into the water in. We then added to the circus with a large styrofoam (yes, styrofoam) sailboat my... continue reading
Have kids, will travel... Lessons Learned in the Adirondacks? When researching this blog I immediately thought I would have to do a "through the eyes of my Adirondack child" theme. Since Oliver has entered my life (a mere 5 years ago), I have learned (and re-learned) so many valuable lessons. It's pretty darn cool, if I do say so myself. There's something about the wonder and exclamations of a child that really make you take a look at the world around you. And, while I thought life would be a lot more tame once I became a parent, I learned we just had to be a bit more creative when crafting... continue reading
Eco-friendly, sustainable practices everyday - it's the Lake Placid way The Conference Center at Lake Placid embraces Earth Day, everyday, with our sustainable building and daily practices. These practices, along with the natural beauty of Lake Placid and the Adirondack Park, create a unique experience for attendees and meeting planners alike. Instead of the exhausted feeling many of us leave with after days of conferencing, we send our attendees home feeling refreshed! The natural light in the Conference Center, relaxing break areas with breathtaking views of the Adirondack High Peaks, and... continue reading
Stay Green, Play Green Eco-Friendly Lodging Take a tour of the "Green" award winning Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort, 2015 Good Earthkeeping Award Winner for both New York State Hospitality & Tourism Association (NYSH&TA) (in 2015 & 2009) and in the small property category by the American Hotel & Lodging Assn. (AH&LA) (announced April 2015).View the slideshow above to see all they've done to grow green.  Farm to Fork In Lake Placid you will find a number of restaurants work directly with local farms. A local favorite is Liquids and Solids where you will find that almost... continue reading
Finally. FINALLY. I've lived here for almost two decades, and finally I have found out what the secret is to the mysteriously happy, glowing ladies I spy every spring. I mean, it's Mud Season for goodness sake - at this point of the year I am pasty-white, anemic, and damn cranky from lack of warmer summer rays. I always assumed these serene women must be the Adirondack equivalent to the Stepford wives - blissfully unaware that they have entered the post-skiing/pre-hiking-biking-boating/what-do-I-do-today season. The Muddy Background Info Let's take a moment to set up how this adventure came... continue reading