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Gearing up for Golf in the AdirondacksThe sun is out, the snow is melting and in most places the snow has long since retreated. As the season continues to shift towards green, I hear a slight rustle in my closet… feeling forgotten and stacked my golf shoes have been waiting patiently for me to rescue them from the darkness. They long to feel at home once again on the tee box, lost in a gaze over stretching mountain horizons. I allow myself a deep breath, in and out, then pace myself as I exhale swinging all the way through, connecting, pushing straight to the green. continue reading
5 One Hour Jaunts in the Adirondack High Peaks Family SnowshoeingYou now find yourself on visiting Lake Placid and surrounded by hundreds of mountains with countless miles of trails, but you only have an hour to play? Maybe you’re here on a business trip and want a cool place to go before your afternoon meeting or after the meetings and before dinner? Possibly you are a family with young children and want a bit of  fresh air the entire family can enjoy, without biting off more than you can chew – In Lake Placid we got ya’ covered! continue reading
Whale's Tail Ski Trail- Try to say that 3 times fast!WOW! The month of March has delivered us the best snow conditions of the season, and what better way to celebrate than go out and ski! This is absolutely my favorite time of year to be an Adirondack local. Thanks to daylight savings time the days are long, and consistent snow has left us with some really fantastic skiing conditions. continue reading
Upper Wolf Jaw Mountain SnowshoeThe Skinny Slide on Upper Wolf Jaw Mountain used to be a small scar on the face of the peak, but after Irene came through she stretched that scar out and made a rather large path through the preserve. I had recently been on the old slide a couple of times and the new one not long after the tropical storm and I find this to be a fascinating winter adventure. There was a larger group of adventure seekers on this trip, five snowshoers to be more exact. continue reading
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